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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

13 All about the past

13 All about the past How do you create the past tense? Fill in the grid. AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE QUESTION 1 Hella was tired. 2 Steven did not work. 3 Did I have a test? 4 Gwen did not sing. 5 Did she see us? Check the grid before moving on to the next task. Find the rules by answering the questions. A. Do you notice the difference between column 1 and the rest? Finish the sentences. The sentences in the first column only have . The other columns have . B. Have a look at the first column. What is the difference between no. 1, 2 compared to 3-5? Finish the sentences. No. 1 & 2 are . No. 3-5 are . C. What is so special about was/were (to be)? They do not need an auxiliary to make a question or negation. It is the only verb with two options in the past simple. Both are correct. Neither are correct. D. Have a look at the Negative column, row 2,3,4 & 5. What do you notice? Finish the sentence. All sentences have in them. E. Have a look at the Question column, row 2,3,4 & 5. What do you see? Finish the sentence. All sentences start with . 89 TIME & MONEY - AGES AGO - KBL

14 Regular or irregular verbs Check out the verbs below. Are they regular or irregular? In the last column write the full verb. AFFIRMATIVE REGULAR OR FULL VERB IRREGULAR? 1 I was at a party last night. irregular to be 2 Heena cycled to school last week. 3 We wrote a letter of complaint some time ago. 4 Gwen called her friend this morning. 5 Ahlam and Salah walked in the park last Friday. 6 You took some asperine, did you? 7 Ebru cried all day yesterday. 8 I waited for Paul over an hour last Saturday. 9 Tim broke his leg while skiing last week. 10 Stephen bet he’d stuff 16 Oreos in his mouth. TIP Verbs ending -ed are regular. The rest are usually irregular. There is no way of recognising full verbs as irregular verbs. You have to check them or learn them by heart. 15 Past simple affirmative Fill in the correct past tense of the words. 1. They something to eat. (to order) 2. Last summer I to Edinburgh. (to go) 3. She her homework in the evening. (to do) 4. He to 10. (to count) 5. Our cat a big spider. (to catch) 6. In 2018 our class a trip to Norwich. (to make) 7. The weather really awful. (to be) 8. The secretary the file last Thursday. (to delete) 9. Peter nothing to me. (to say) 10. Daoud and Hamid something to each other. (to whisper) 90 TIME & MONEY - AGES AGO - KBL