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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

7 All about the context

7 All about the context Watch the video again, if necessary. Finish the sentences below to create an overview of what context clues are and how to look for them. • You need to understand at least of a text to be able to guess what it is about. • You need to understand of the text to be absolutely certain about the answer to a question about the text. • Almost questions in your exam are about . • Most questions can be answered by . • Context clues help you . There are 4 types of context clues. • S Synonyms • A Antonyms • I Inference • D Definition • You can find context clues in the same as the unknown word. • They are called ‘context clues’ because they are found in the ‘context’ of... . 8 Singapore test 90% Below you will find the same text again, this time 90% of the words are there. We have to go up, an - from Singapore told me. We do not have - anymore. Singapore is only a small island with a rapidly growing population. We are faced with such a lack of space that we cannot do otherwise. Just like me, - wants a house with a garden on both sides, preferably - it. For most people this is still the ideal - of living, but that has become a dream no longer realisable. See if you can answer the questions in Dutch. a. Wie zegt iets? b. Tegen wie zegt die persoon iets? c. Wat is het probleem? 85 TIME & MONEY - AGES AGO - KBL

d. Hoe is dat probleem ontstaan? e. Welke oplossing wordt er gegeven? This time, you should be able to fill in at least 3 out of 5 questions. Your teacher will show you the 100% text. Read it and fill in the remaining questions. TIP Knowing your vocabulary is essential, but there are strategies to find out the meaning of unknown words. context clues, for example. 9 Practising context clues Your job is to find the meaning of the difficult word by looking at the context-clues. Let’s practise first: 1. Since it was raining outside, I used my bumbershoot to keep from getting wet. meaning: umbrella context clue: Inference 2. Unlike Kyle, who is a conformer and follower, James is a maverick. meaning: context clue: 3. The ranivorous hawk, an animal that eats frogs, is found in central and eastern Africa. meaning: context clue: 4. In class Julia was so cantankerous that her grumpy behaviour negatively affected everyone. meaning: context clue: 5. The boxer’s pugnacious behaviour scared his opponent and led to him giving up meaning: context clue: 86 TIME & MONEY - AGES AGO - KBL