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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

DAILY LIFE Heidi shows

DAILY LIFE Heidi shows what she does in her daily life. On Monday I play football in the evening. On Tuesday Heidi goes to ballet. What do you do on Wednesday? I would like to go see a movie. We have an English test this Thursday, don’t forget to study. Friday is my favourite day of the week because it is the start of the weekend. Most people play a sport on Saturday. On Sunday I always visit my grandparents. Every morning I get up at seven o’clock. I get up early because school starts at half past eight (am). We have a snack break at a quarter to ten (pm). Our PE class starts at five to eleven. What is the time? It is eleven forty-two. Dutch is my least favourite subject in school, it is boring. Are you good at maths? I could use some help with the homework. Today we talked about politics in Society & Culture. PE (Physical Education) is my favourite course because I like sports. Can you describe what an ordinary day looks like to you? In English class we talked about the difference between singular and plural. Don’t forget to put a stamp on your letter, otherwise it won’t get sent. Can you tell me your address one more time? What is your favourite class in school? Don’t forget to write notes, they will help you remember what we did. Dutch and English are similar courses, both are trying to teach you a language. In the morning you eat breakfast. dagelijks leven maandag dinsdag woensdag donderdag vrijdag zaterdag zondag zeven uur half negen ‘s morgens kwart voor tien ‘s avonds vijf voor elf achttien minuten voor twaalf Nederlands wiskunde mens en maatschappij LO (lichamelijke opvoeding) gewoon enkelvoud en meervoud een postzegel adres les aantekeningen maken vakken ontbijt Practise the list on Quizlet. 73 MY WORLD - KBL

FAMILY My grandparents have been married for 45 years. My aunt and uncle are divorced, it just didn’t work out. I don’t have brothers or sisters, I am an only child. My co-worker just got a daughter, her name is Indi. My son is called Chris. I really like my new stepfather/-mother Foster parents are just like real parents, they love you very much. Do you have any siblings? I only have a little sister. My foster brother/sister is also my best friend. Being a single mum is a big responsibility. Indi and I are very similar, our families look alike. How are you? I’m fine. Dear Amy, Love, I hope to hear from you soon. Mr Johnson is my favourite English teacher. I am sorry Mrs Jackson, I didn’t hear you. Ms Williams is not married yet. I like my dad’s new wife very much. I am not related to Jane, we just have the same last name. When I grow up, I want to find a sweet husband. Do you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How old are your grandparents? Mine are 88 and 91. My surname is Terry, my full name is James Terry. Chris and I are different, we do not have the same interests. getrouwd gescheiden enig kind dochter zoon stiefvader/moeder pleegouders broers en zussen pleegbroer/pleegzus alleenstaande moeder gelijk Hoe gaat het? Met mij gaat het goed. Beste Amy, Veel liefs, Ik hoop snel iets van je te horen. meneer mevrouw (getrouwd) mevrouw (niet getrouwd) vrouw verwant (familie zijn van...) man (getrouwd) vriendje/vriendinnetje grootouders achternaam verschillend Practise the list on Quizlet. 74 MY WORLD - KBL