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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

B let’s record Now you

B let’s record Now you are ready to record your vlog. You can either do it alone or ask someone to help you. Don’t forget your script from task 85 and props. C Let’s edit After recording it is time to edit. Check out the video edit your own recording via a free online video editor. on how to Now go to the website and edit your video. D. Feedback Work with a classmate and give each other feedback on how to improve. What went well and what can be improved? Give each other first a TOP and then a TIP. My TOPS My TIPS 71 MY WORLD - ME - KBL

MY WORLD - VOCABULARY SOCIAL LIFE Playing video games is something I do in my spare time. Do you hang out with Maja? She is a very popular girl. Leave a like and a comment on my video. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Chris. I will post a video on my channel every Monday and Thursday. In this video I will answer FAQs (frequently asked questions). Chris has one addiction, drinking a lot of green tea. My favourite colour is blue, what is yours? I want to record a video with you. Post a comment under my video and I will pick one winner. Jody’s adventure is not something you hear every day. Being hurt is not an experience you want to go through. The boys were making a lot of noise. The policeman did not mean to attack Jody. Jody’s parents have filed a complaint with the police. To see the comments, you need to scroll down the page. You can disable the comments if you don’t want anyone to reply to your video. What do you and Chris have in common? I differ in/from Chris because I do like spiders. Did you publish the video yet? People really want to see it. Chris will remove any mean comments under his video. Chris and I are very close friends. Jack is afraid of spiders and snakes. Can you tell me some facts about yourself? Pen pals are friends who write to each other. vrije tijd omgaan met opmerking/reactie voorstellen een video plaatsen veelgestelde vragen verslaving lievelings een video opnemen een opmerking op internet zetten een avontuur een ervaring lawaai aanvallen een klacht indienen naar beneden scrollen uitschakelen gemeenschappelijk verschillen in/van publiceren verwijderen vrienden bang zijn voor feiten maatjes/vrienden Practise the list on Quizlet. 72 MY WORLD - KBL