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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

80 Let’s practise

80 Let’s practise Choose the correct alternative. 1. I this afternoon. a. am playing soccer b. is playing soccer c. are playing soccer 2. Sheila sushi with Ravi. a. am eating b. is eating c. are eating 3. The train from platform 12. a. am leaving b. is leaving c. are leaving 4. Gareth Hamid’s sister. a. am seeing b. is seeing c. are seeing 5. Yuran to the dentist. a. am going b. is going c. are going 6. Me & my friends a hamburger at McDonald’s. a. am having b. is having c. are having 81 Finish the sentence – main verb only. Fill in the correct form of the verb in the present continuous: Example: Jane is home from work. (to come) Answer: Jane is coming home from work. 65 MY WORLD - ME - KBL

1. He is in the pool. (to swim) 2. Andrew and Colin are trouble again. (to make) 3. Simon is a book. (to write) 4. They are places. (to swap) 5. Andy is with Jasmine. (to dance) 6. You are late. (to run) 7. Haran is a shower. (to take) 8. We are money for a new phone. (to save) 9. She is her hair. (to cut) 10. My uncle is his bike. (to ride) 82 Finish the sentence – auxiliary and main verb Now practise filling in the present continuous. Don’t forget the auxiliary. Example: Brahim his friends this afternoon. (to see) Answer: Brahim is seeing his friends this afternoon. 1. Salah and I a cheese sandwich. (to buy) 2. I muffins again. (to make) 3. They in a hotel. (to sleep) 4. George to France. (to go) 5. We with Jasmine tonight. (to dine) 6. Alan and James maths. (to drop) 66 MY WORLD - ME - KBL