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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

TIP MC-questions are

TIP MC-questions are very common in tests and exams, not just for English but for all courses. Keep practising them. Go online and login to do Reading Assistant and improve your reading even more. Keep up the good work. 76 Present continuous Do you know what the present continuous is about? Let’s see, Shall we? Watch the video and write down how to create the present countinuous. 77 D-test Do the D-test and find out if you can use the present continuous correctly. Using the prompts, create a sentence in the present continuous tense. Example: “She / eat / a sandwich” “She is eating a sandwich.” 1. I / have / fun 2. The bus / come 3. We / cycle / to school 4. She / wear / a dress and high heels 63 MY WORLD - ME - KBL

5. We / plan / our trip to Spain 6. It / rain / at the moment 7. We / wait / for the bus 8. I / study / for my English test HOW DID YOU DO IN THE D-TEST? If you need extra instruction check out the video or the grammar section at the back of the chapter. 78 Recap on auxiliary to be Watch the video if necessary. Fill in the grid below. PRONOUN AFFIRMATIVE TO BE QUESTIONS TO BE NEGATIVE TO BE I am Am I? I‘m not you he she it we they you 79 How to use present continuous Watch the video again if necessary. Fill in. are - verb - subject - am - +ing - is 64 MY WORLD - ME - KBL