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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

71 MC-questions Multiple

71 MC-questions Multiple choice questions can be tricky. Do you feel confident about answering that type of questions? There are a few tips and tricks to help you. Let’s find out more. Watch the video and take notes. 72 A. Good to know about mc-questions Write down the 4 things to know & remember from the first part of the video. 1 The correct answer is already given. You just have to choose the right option. 2 3 4 B. Strategies for mc-questions Now watch the second half of the video and create your own notes on strategies for MC-questions. 1 Read the entire question, including the choices. 2 3 4 5 6 57 MY WORLD - ME - KBL

C. Recap before – while – after In the first paragraph of this chapter you’ve learnt about the basic strategies for reading texts. Let’s recap: READING STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Before Have a look at (sub)titles, illustrations etc. While After D. Wrap-up The tips and strategies for MC-questions are part of before, while & after reading. Where do you think it belongs? a. Before b. While c. After d. All of the above 73 A. Friendship quiz Are you a good friend? Let’s get to know you a little bit better. First match the words to the definitions. WORD pals be away coming up shy take advantage of someone treat someone (well/badly/etc) DEFINITION Use someone unfairly Nervous/embarrassed Friends To act/behave to others Not at home Happening soon 58 MY WORLD - ME - KBL