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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

5. For tip #4 Sam shows

5. For tip #4 Sam shows two tricks, he calls them “cover up” and “spin”. How does he know the name of these tricks? Explain in Dutch. 6. Tip #5 is about time lapse. What does that mean? a. Slowing the video down. b. Speeding the video up. c. Skipping time. d. All of the above. 7. What is the main purpose of tip #6? a. Making viewers believe you are always on the go. b. Showing all the places you know and go to. c. Keeping viewer’s interest to what you say. 8. What are the last two tips Sam has? Describe in Dutch. 1. 2. 69 Scrambled words Check out the vocabulary for ‘My World: Me’ at the back of the chapter. Unscramble the words below. The first letter is highlighted. 1. BSLEISPO 2. EICVDE 3. EOMEAWS 4. LSOOBIUYV 5. OTNIOP 6. GVOL 7. BNALK 8. SRNEUU 9. UEDR 10. IEHUAOVBR 11. CPTRIS 12. TPNEMUQIE 13. EDPSEUP 14. NUTLOOSI 15. PPOSR 16. SAREET 17. PIST 18. CSIKRT 55 MY WORLD - ME - KBL

70 Circle rotations Divide into two equal groups. Form an inner and outer circle with students facing each other. Step 1: Your teacher will hand out the vocab list of this chapter. Step 2: For the first 15 seconds, each student in the inner circle, reads out the sentence to the student facing in the outer circle. If the outer circle student answers the correct Dutch translation, the inner circle student signs his word list. Step 3: For the next 15 seconds, the outer circle student reads one of his sentences to the inner circle student. If the inner circle student answers the correct Dutch translation, the outer circle student signs his word list. Step 4: Then the outer students rotate to the right and repeat the process with the new students they face. Whoever has the most signatures at the end of the game wins. Practise the list ‘My world: Me’ on Quizlet. TIP Make sure you practise Quizlet at least 4 times a week, so you will pass your test easily. Go online and login to do Fast ForWord. Reading level 2 exercise Leaping Lizards. 56 MY WORLD - ME - KBL