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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

57 58 Which tense is it

57 58 Which tense is it Look at the sentences below, circle the auxiliary and then choose which tense it is. SENTENCE PRESENT PRESENT PRESENT SIMPLE PERFECT CONTINUOUS 1 You haven’t been to Spain since 2015. x 2 Is Sam taking the bus today? 3 Does your brother like books? 4 Anouar hasn’t been late all year. 5 Do they like your family? 6 Karen doesn’t like maths at all. 7 Are we going to the shopping mall today? 8 Dylan isn’t working late tonight. 9 Have you ever seen Titanic? 10 Gwen hasn’t talked to me since yesterday. Auxiliary or full verb Remember the difference between a verb as an auxiliary and as a full verb? Take a good look at the sentence. is the word in bold an auxiliary or a full verb? 1. I am learning so much at school. auxiliary 2. We have known her for years. 3. We do the dishes together. 4. I haven’t had a hamburger in weeks. 5. Are you okay? 6. I am not interested in cars at all. 7. Has she ever done her homework? 8. William has a brother named Ben. 9. Does Younes do any sports? 10. We are family: he is my cousin. 59 Practise auxiliaries Choose the correct alternative. 1. Has / Does / Is Jared arrived yet? 2. Andrew and Senna don’t / haven’t / aren’t like Chinese food. 3. They don’t / haven’t / aren’t seen me yesterday. 4. Do / Are/ Have you ever written anyone a postcard? 5. Graham isn’t / hasn’t / doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. 6. I ‘m not / don’t / have a fan of basketball at all. 7. Aren’t / Don’t / Hasn’t Sarah told you I was coming? 8. Quinten doesn’t / isn’t / hasn’t much of a soccer fan. 45 MY WORLD - FAMILY - KBL

60 Now all on your own Complete each sentence with the correct auxiliary verb. do/does - have/has - am/is/are - don’t/doesn’t - haven’t/hasn’t - ‘m not/isn’t/aren’t 1. you usually stay up late at weekends? 2. I working this weekend. (not) 3. Hulya given you her phone number yet? 4. The boy playing with his toys. 5. I seen him yet. (not) 6. Who asked you to come here? 7. Where Julie go to school? 8. What you doing right now? 9. Amy go by bike very often. 10. Warren never travelled by bus before. 61 Remember the Best family For task 45 you watched a video about the Best family. They introduce themselves and show what their life looks like. You are going to send them an email. First, let’s watch a short video on how to write an email. Take notes on the tips and tricks of writing an informal email. 1 Dictionary 2 3 4 5 6 46 MY WORLD - FAMILY - KBL