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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

B. Listen again and fill

B. Listen again and fill in the missing words Frank: Dad. day. Can I have my ? Father: Oh, I about that. Frank: You ALWAYS forget. Father: I I do. How much do I owe you? Frank: Just 16 pounds. Father: Sixteen pounds? Why do I you that much? Just seems like I paid you the other day. Frank: No. You forgot every , and it has been piling up. Father: Well, I’m not sure if I have that much. Frank: Go to the . You have lots of money. Father: Lots of money, uh? Uh, well, I think the bank is closed. Frank: Then, what about your money jar under your bed? Father: Oh, I guess I could do that. So, what are you going to do with the money? Frank: I’m going to put some in , give to the poor people, and use the rest to buy . Father: Well, that’s sounds , Frank. 24 Counterfeit money Watch the video and take notes. What is the video about? 101 TIME & MONEY - ALL ABOUT MONEY - KBL

25 Watch again Answer the questions in Dutch below. 1. Wie is Sophie West? 2. Wat heeft zij verkocht? 3. Wat gebeurde er in de drogisterij? 4. Wat is het telefoonnummer van Crime Stoppers? 5. Welk advies geeft Victoria Cleveland? 6. Wat betekent de afkorting SOCA? 26 Mind map Check out the vocabulary for ‘Time & Money - All about Money’ at the back of this chapter. Fill in the mind map below, using the words in the list. Some words apply for more than one topic. Fill them in the overlapping parts of the circle. MONEY PROBLEMS OPINIONS BUYING THINGS cash notes debit card credit card an ATM the bank to pile up to save fake money to owe money refuse advice to advise to borrow to lend option cheap expensive pocket money allowance to respond a response do you feel I strongly feel my opinion is 102 TIME & MONEY - ALL ABOUT MONEY - KBL