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26 $ Daily Life 2020 -

26 $ Daily Life 2020 - WordMint Name: name: ______________________Date: __________ __________________________ Daily Life 2020 - WordMint Daily Life 2020 Name: ______________________Date: __________ daily life Friday Monday seven o’clock. Daily Life 2020 13-07-2020 16!11 Name: name: ______________________Date: __________ __________________________ Daily Life 2020 13-07-2020 16!11 Name: ______________________Date: __________ write notes class in school courses maths Daily Life 2020 eleven fortytwo Sunday daily life Friday Monday address seven Tuesday o’clock. eleven fortytwo write Saturday notes class Tuesday in school Sunday courses maths Society & Sunday Culture eleven PE (Physical fortytwo Education) Thursday address class Tuesday in school address half past eight Monday eleven Saturday Tuesday Sunday Wednesday fortytwo five Society to eleven & PE Dutch (Physical breakfast Thursday class Wednesday in school Culture Education) Society & a address stamp half five past to eleven eight Monday Thursday Culture Wednesday $ five to eleven Dutch breakfast Wednesday Name: ______________________Date: __________ Daily Life 2020 Name: ______________________Date: __________ name: __________________________ singular and write notes Thursday plural Daily Life 2020 address a stamp five to eleven Society & Culture Name: ______________________Date: __________ Daily Life 2020 name: __________________________ a quarter to breakfast write notes ten Thursday Name: ______________________Date: __________ Daily Life 2020 Thursday five to eleven Wednesday singular breakfast and write notes Thursday class address in school plural courses a quarter ordinaryto breakfast half write past notes eight seven Thursday o’clock. ten Society & five Dutch to eleven Wednesday Tuesday ordinary Culture breakfast class school Society & PE (Physical courses Monday Sunday Culture ordinary half Education) past eight seven o’clock. eleven fortytwo Dutch Society daily life & Saturday Tuesday half ordinary past eight Culture singular Society and & Culture maths PE a (Physical stamp Dutch plural Monday Sunday Education) eleven fortytwo daily life Saturday half past eight singular and plural maths a stamp Dutch $ Pagina 4 van 6 $ MY WORLD - DAILY LIFE

26 $ Daily Life 2020 - WordMint Name: name: ______________________Date: __________________________ __________ Daily Life 2020 - WordMint daily life Daily Life 2020 Name: ______________________Date: __________ address PE (Physical Education) Daily Life 2020 Monday 13-07-2020 16!11 name: Name: ______________________Date: __________________________ __________ Daily Life 2020 13-07-2020 16!11 Name: ______________________Date: __________ Monday maths Friday a stamp Daily Life 2020 class daily in school life a quarter to address PE Dutch (Physical Sunday ten Monday Education) Society & Culture Monday maths Saturday Friday ordinary a Tuesday stamp class breakfast in school singular a quarter and to Thursday ordinary plural Dutch Sunday ten Society breakfast & class Saturday in school seven ordinary o’clock. write Tuesday notes Culture write notes half singular past eight and breakfast Thursday courses five ordinary to eleven plural a quarter to eleven fortytwo in school seven Education) o’clock. write PE (Physical breakfast ten class address notes $ write notes half past eight courses five to eleven Name: ______________________Date: __________ Daily Life 2020 Name: name: ______________________Date: __________________________ __________ Friday daily life Dutch Daily Life 2020 Society & Culture a quarter to ten eleven fortytwo PE (Physical Education) Name: ______________________Date: __________ Daily Life 2020 address name: Name: ______________________Date: __________________________ __________ ordinary maths Saturday daily life Daily Life 2020 seven o’clock. maths address Society Friday daily life Dutch Saturday & Culture eleven fortytwolife seven ordinary o’clock. five maths to eleven half Saturday past eight daily PE (Physical seven Thursday class in school write notes Education) o’clock. maths address Saturday Society & seven a stamp o’clock. five Wednesday Culture to eleven half past eight Dutch eleven fortytwo PE Wednesday (Physical five Thursday to eleven class Sunday in school write courses notes Education) a quarter to Society Friday& a stamp Thursday breakfast ten Wednesday Dutch Culture Wednesday five to eleven Sunday courses a quarter to ten Friday Thursday breakfast $ Pagina 5 van 6 $ MY WORLD - DAILY LIFE