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8 NAME: ______________________________________ DATE: _____________ CLASS: ______ 1 Jody’s holiday adventure summer holiday bore Jody, a 14-year-old girl from Nottinghamshire, tells us about her scary experience. “It was the summer holiday and my sister Jess and I were bored. We decided to visit our older sister Kay. Her house is just a short walk from where we live. After walking for about five minutes, we bumped into some classmates. While we were talking, a group of boys on mopeds started driving up and down the road, making a lot of noise. 2 3 Police intervention Some of the people living there came out looking angry. Suddenly a police car drove around the corner. “OK 4 everyone, fun-time over!” shouted one police officer, getting out of the car. The boys started swearing at the police. The police caught a boy and tried to put him in handcuffs,. but the boy wanted to run away and that made the policeman very angry. “OK, I’m taking out my Taser,” he suddenly said. A Taser is a kind of gun which gives a strong electric shock through a wire attached to darts. “OK, I’m taking out my Taser,” Tasered! Then it happened. “Jess, help me!” I screamed at my sister. “What is going on?” I felt a stabbing pain in my leg and my entire body was shaking. A terrible pain shot through me. Then everything went dark. I had been hit accidentally by the Taser gun. After a while, I began to see clearly again. I tried to stand up, but I couldn’t move because I felt a huge cramp in the back of my left leg. One of the darts from the Taser stuck out of my leg! I pulled it out and saw the blood coming through my jeans. 5 “Jess, help me!” I screamed at my sister. Lucky me…. I wanted to go home as soon as possible, but then the policeman said something I will never forget: “Come back! You still have one in you!” I tried not to cry from pain when he pulled a second dart from my left shoulder. “Come back! You still have one in you!” Then the policeman drove us home in a police car. He apologised to my parents and sat with us while we waited for an ambulance to arrive. The paramedicts checked my blood pressure and did some tests and then told me I was OK. Everyone said I was lucky, Tasers can be dangerous. No official complaint For the next few weeks, I felt very shaken. I was scared easily and I had constant cramps in my leg and shoulder. Now I feel all right again. We didn’t make an official complaint to the police. I do not hate them for what happened, but I do think they should have been more careful - the Taser should never have hit me”. MY WORLD - SOCIAL LIFE

26 $ Daily Life 2020 - WordMint Name: name: ______________________Date: __________________________ __________ Daily Life 2020 - WordMint eleven fortytwo Daily Life 2020 Name: ______________________Date: __________ Thursday class in school Daily Life 2020 a quarter to ten 13-07-2020 16!11 Name: name: ______________________Date: __________________________ __________ Daily Life 2020 13-07-2020 16!11 Name: ______________________Date: __________ five to eleven Tuesday a stamp Sunday Daily Life 2020 eleven Tuesday fortytwo Wednesday ordinary half a quarter Thursday class school past eight to ten Society & five Saturday to eleven Tuesday Monday Thursday Culture a stamp Sunday five Tuesday to eleven Wednesday maths daily ordinary life half a past stamp eight address Society eleven fortytwo ordinary& Saturday Wednesday Monday Thursday Culture Society & five courses to eleven maths Monday breakfast Culture daily life a stamp Dutch daily life write notes Friday address ordinary Wednesday eleven fortytwo $ courses Society & Monday breakfast Culture Name: ______________________Date: __________ Daily Life 2020 Name: name: ______________________Date: __________________________ __________ Dutch Tuesday maths ordinary Daily Life 2020 Dutch daily life write notes Friday Name: ______________________Date: __________ Daily Life 2020 Name: ______________________Date: __________ name: __________________________ singular and write notes five to eleven plural Daily Life 2020 daily life Dutch Tuesday maths ordinary five to eleven write notes class in school address Monday write notes Society & five Culture to eleven seven singular o’clock. and plural Friday daily life seven five to o’clock. eleven write daily notes life class Wednesday in school Friday address Monday Thursday eleven Society fortytwo & Culture seven Wednesday o’clock. Friday ordinary Society & PE (Physical half seven past o’clock. eight daily a stamp Culture life Wednesday Education) Friday Thursday Saturday eleven address fortytwo a quarter to Wednesday ten half ordinary past eight half past eight Society & Culture a stamp PE (Physical Education) Saturday address a quarter to ten half past eight $ Pagina 1 van 6 $ MY WORLD - DAILY LIFE