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Task 8: Multiple choice

Task 8: Multiple choice word order Choose the sentence with the correct word order. (Kies de zin met de juiste woordvolgorde.) 1. a) The gazelle was during our safari a lion chasing. b) A lion was chasing the gazelle during our safari. c) During our safari was chasing a lion the gazelle. 2. a) I went on a long walk with my dog yesterday. b) Yesterday on a long walk with my dog I went. c) On a long walk with my dog I went yesterday. 3. a) Walking was the cow in the fields. b) In the fields was the cow walking. c) The cow was walking in the fields. 4. a) The cheetah is one of the fastest animals on earth. b) On earth is the cheetah one of the fastest animals. c) One of the fastest animals the cheetah is on earth. 5. a) What type of bird your is favourite? b) What your favourite type of bird is? c) What is your favourite type of bird? Task 9: Fill the gap to be & have Fill in the correct form of to be or have. (Vul het juiste vorm van zijn of hebben in.) 1. We ____________________ a lot of friends like Jack and Jill. 2. Stacy and her family ____________________ a family dog. 3. Omar and Julia ____________________ very close to each other. 4. I ____________________ an animal lover. 5. Jessie ____________________ never seen a snake in real life. 78 HANDLEIDING EN ANTWOORDENMODEL HOOFDSTUK 1 LEERJAAR 2

Task 10: Put the words into the correct order Use the words below to make a sentence using correct word order. (Gebruik de onderstaande woorden om een zin te maken met juiste zinsvolgorde.) 1. very fast/ dog/ our/ is ___________________________________________________________________________. 2. yesterday/ my/ dad/ turned 47 ___________________________________________________________________________. 3. a chihuahua/ is/ favourite/ animal/ his/ ___________________________________________________________________________. 4. 5 days/ mark/ works/ at a supermarket/ a week ___________________________________________________________________________. 5. a lot of fun/ had/ at the zoo/ we ___________________________________________________________________________. Task 11: Describe what you see to be & to have Below you see 5 pictures of animals. Describe two animal you see in 2 full sentences using either the verb to be or to have. (Beschrijf 2 dieren in 2 volledige zinnen. Gebruik in deze zinnen het werkwoord zijn of hebben.) Example The guinea pig is very small . This guinea pig has brown fur. 1. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 79 HANDLEIDING EN ANTWOORDENMODEL HOOFDSTUK 1 LEERJAAR 2