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Vocabulary Test Animal

Vocabulary Test Animal World - All about Animals & Wildlife (KGT) Name :_____________________________________ Date :________________________ Class :_____________________________________ Teacher :________________________ Task1: MC translation Choose the right translation of the English bold word (Kies de juiste vertaling van het dikgedrukte Engelse woord) 1. My favourite pet is a guinea pig. a) kat b) hagedis c) parkiet d) cavia 2. Do not forget to feed your pets. a) verzorgen b) voeren c) verdwenen d) vinden 3. I like to walk my dog, it is fun for us both. a) spelen b) aanraden c) uitlaten d) verzorgen 4. My hamster needs special care because he is ill. a) speciale zorg b) speciaal voer c) speciale halsband d) speciale kooi 5. Matthew owns a turtle. a) hagedis b) hond c) muis d) schildpad 6. 1. Where does the dog sleep? a) waar b) wie c) wat d) waarom 7. 2. A mouse has big ears. a) grote oren b) grote neus c) scherpe tanden d) grote nek 8. 3. When did you see lions in Africa? a) hoe b) waar c) wanneer d) waarom 9. 4. I would love to give you some advice.. a) betaald b) geven c) zich zorgen maken d) steeds meer 10. 5. Puppies are known to be soft and furry a) klein en schoon b) klein en harig c) zacht en klein d) zacht en harig 54 HANDLEIDING EN ANTWOORDENMODEL HOOFDSTUK 1 LEERJAAR 2

Task 2: Translate the words from English to Dutch Translate the bold word into Dutch. (Vertaal de dikgedrukte woorden naar het Nederlands.) 1. Our dog is called Bernard. ________________ 2. I would love to keep a pet, but my parents don’t allow it. ________________ 3. Bunnies are perfect to cuddle with. ________________ 4. Zara is the perfect pet owner. ________________ 5. The dog has a glow in the dark collar. ________________ 6. In puppy class they teach your dog how to behave. ________________ 7. When I throw the ball, my dog will go fetch it. ________________ 8. Do birds also have a tail? ________________ Task 3: Translate the words from Dutch to English Translate the bold words into English (Vertaal de dikgedrukte woorden naar het Engels) 1. Is it true that a dog is a meat eater? ________________ 2. Deshawn’s desk is very clean. ________________ 3. Sometimes I prefer being with animals instead of people. ________________ 4. A mouse has a very small nose. ________________ 5. The tiger at the zoo had very sharp teeth. ________________ 6. A giraffe has a long neck. ________________ 7. Some people think birds aren’t cute. ________________ 8. The cat attacked me and now I have an injury. ________________ 55 HANDLEIDING EN ANTWOORDENMODEL HOOFDSTUK 1 LEERJAAR 2