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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

2. It will be dry all

2. It will be dry all night. a. It might rain tonight. b. It won’t rain tonight. c. It is going to rain tonight. 3. Cold temperatures will also bring wet snow. a. There might be wet snow. b. There is going to be wet snow. c. It won’t be cold. 4. Temperatures will be freezing and there might be black ice on the streets. a. There will be ice on the roads. b. It is going to be icy. c. It will be cold. 5. It will be a fine weekend in most provinces. a. It might be nice this weekend and week. b. It won’t be nice in each province. c. It is going to be sunny in every province. 6. Temperatures will be a lot better than usual. a. It is going to be freezing. b. It might be warm. c. It won’t be cold. 7. There will be storms this entire week. a. There are going to be storms on Saturday or Sunday. b. There will be storms throughout the week. c. It might rain on this week. 8. It will be grey all day and it might rain too. a. It won’t rain. b. It isn’t going to be sunny. c. It is going to rain today. 14 Fill in Fill in the correct future “will”. 1. A: Why are you wearing a rain coat? B: I heard it _________________ (to rain) tonight. 2. A: I’m so stressed, I think it will rain during the birthday party. B: I _________________ (get) you a tent to put up in the backyard. That will protect us from the rain. 93 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - COME RAIN OR SHINE - KGT

3. A: I am sweating because of the heat. I can’t handle it anymore. B: They said that it _________________ (not/be) hot the entire week! 4. A: Why didn’t you pack sunscreen? B: We were told the sun _________________ (to be) that strong here. 5. Justin _______________ (come) to the party. Anne _______________ (not/come) because it is snowing. 6. William: It is so cold in here! Samantha: I _________________ (turn) the heat on. 7. I think there _________________ (be) storms the entire week. 8. As soon as the snow clears up, we _________________ (drive) down to the shopping mall. 15 Your turn Now write your own sentences about the future using “will” and the sentence given to you. Example: 1. You cannot go tomorrow because it is raining. I will not be coming tomorrow because of the rain. 2. Your mother wants to help you with your homework. __________________________________________________________________________ 3. You have cancelled the party because of the snow. __________________________________________________________________________ 4. You can go to the party next weekend. __________________________________________________________________________ 5. Your friend is coming over tonight and you need to tell your mum. __________________________________________________________________________ 6. Your dog can get sick if he eats too many treats. __________________________________________________________________________ 94 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - COME RAIN OR SHINE - KGT