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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

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Go online and login to do Reading Assistant and improve your reading even more. Keep up the good work. 10 The Future You are going to learn about how to talk about the future using “will”. Watch the video and take notes on what you have learned. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 11 D-test Do the D-test to find out if you know how to use the future, “will”. Example: It will rain (to rain) tonight. 1. The weather __________________ (to be fine) today. 2. The forecast says it __________________ (be hot) tomorrow afternoon. 3. My mother said it __________________ (be cold) next week. 4. It __________________ (to snow) later tonight. 5. I __________________ (bring) my jacket to make sure I am warm. 6. We __________________ (go) to an outdoor concert tomorrow evening. 7. I heard the weather __________________ (be nice). 8. I __________________ (not help) you with cleaning up after the storm. 9. Emmanuel said that he __________________ (not go) to the show with us. 10. I __________________ (to be) very disappointed if he does not come. HOW DID YOU DO IN THE D-TEST? If you need extra instruction check out the video or the grammar section at the back of the chapter. 91 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - COME RAIN OR SHINE - KGT

12 Positive and negative sentences Do you know how to use to make positive and negative sentences with will? Fill in the grid. Watch the video again if necessary. WILL + INFINITIVE A decision __________________________________________________________ Jennifer: There’s not any food left in the refrigerator. Marco: Really? In that case, ___________________ (to go) and get some groceries. A prediction based on ________________________________________________ I think it ___________________ (to rain) tomorrow evening. A future ______________ The sun ___________________ (to rise) tomorrow. For promises & ___________________ / refusals & ___________________ I ___________________ (to help) you tomorrow, if you like. WILL + NOT How do we form the negative of future will? ________________________ + will + not + ________________________ Examples: I ___________________ (not to leave) you in the rain without an umbrella. I ___________________ (not to come) with you. It __________________ (not to rain) tonight. 13 Multiple choice Choose the correct alternative. Which one is correct based on the ‘will’ sentence: 1. It will be warm and sunny all morning. a. It is going to be a nice morning. b. It might be a nice morning. c. It might rain. 92 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - COME RAIN OR SHINE - KGT