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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

B. Practise - while

B. Practise - while reading Now read the text. While reading, follow the steps below. ask questions 1. Stel jezelf vragen. Wat is het doel van de paragraaf? Wat bedoelt de schrijver? __________________________________________________ guess difficult words mind signalwords & reference words 2. Raad moeilijke woorden of probeer de betekenis af te leiden. Schrijf moeilijke woorden op met hun betekenis. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ 3. Let op signaalwoorden en referentiewoorden, ze wijzen je de weg. Schrijf het verband op van het signaalwoord “that is why” (regel 2). __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Probeer zelf ook een signaalwoord te vinden en schrijf het verband op. __________________________________________________________________________ Zoek het reference word “it” (regel 1) op: waar verwijst het naar? __________________________________________________________________________ Probeer zelf ook een reference word te vinden en schrijf op waar het naar verwijst. __________________________________________________________________________ C. Practise - after reading After reading you usually have to answer questions about the text. You are going to answer questions too. First, write down the steps to do that in Dutch: look for answers 1. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ look further 2. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________ back to the question _______________________________________________________ 89 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - COME RAIN OR SHINE - KGT

8 9 Talk about it Discuss task 6 and 7 pairs. Share in class. Talk about the questions below. • What are the steps for strategic reading? Explain. • Which step is most useful for you? Explain. • Which step do you tend to forget? What is the risk if you skip that step? • Can you explain what signal words are and give an example? • Can you explain what reference words are and give an example? • What other subjects or situations could you use strategic reading too? Questions Answer the questions about the text. Use the steps from task 7. 1. The weather forecast is for_________ days. a. two b. four c. five 2. There is a detailed forecast for _________ days. a. two b. four c. five 3. Match the weather forecast to the correct day. TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY warmest day windiest day coldest day gradual improvement least foggy day 4. Match the weather icons to the days: Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday - Friday 18 C S 5. Which is the best day to walk in the mountains? a. Tuesday b. Wednesday c. Thursday d. Friday 90 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - COME RAIN OR SHINE - KGT