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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook


ANIMALS IN DANGER A zebra in Africa is always in danger because of the lions. Where are the monkeys in the zoo? in gevaar waar The person who can tell me what a hippo eats wins a prize. wie Bears are very hungry when they wake up from their winter sleep. Nobody knows why dogs are so cute. Fatima wants to know how to spot a tiger? The koala’s who lost their homes are all brought to a rescue centre. The monkey that fell from the tree now has an injury. When there is danger birds will fly away together. Hunters are killing more and more animals every year. More people worry about all the stray animals in the world. Sometimes during hunting season, a lion will hunt for 20 hours straight. Oliver is going to clean his mouse’s cage in a minute. If you get bitten by a spider you might get sick. Is it true that dogs have four legs? If you become a dog trainer you are going to get paid to pet dogs. Avery wants to give her horse a carrot after horse riding practice. The sea lions will be set free when they are healthy again. Dogs can be tall or short, it depends on the breed. Elephants have big ears. A Chihuahua has a small nose but can still smell very well. Don’t touch a bat, they are mean and have very sharp teeth. Pandas are very popular because they are soft and furry. Giraffes can reach very tall trees because they have a long neck. It does not matter if you are running slow or fast, a cheetah will always be faster. wanneer waarom hoe opvangcentrum verwonding vogels steeds meer zich zorgen maken over soms schoonmaken ziek waar betaald krijgen geven, schenken vrij laten lang of kort grote oren kleine neus scherpe tanden zacht en harig een lange nek langzaam of snel Practise the list on Quizlet. 75 ANIMAL WORLD - KGT

GRAMMAR OVERVIEW ANIMAL WORLD ALL ABOUT ANIMALS - PERSONAL PRONOUNS, TO BE & TO HAVE AFFIRMATIVE TO BE TO HAVE ik ben g I am ik heb g I have jij bent g you are jij hebt g you have hij is g he is hij heeft g he has zij is g she is zij heeft g she has het is g it is het heeft g it has wij zijn g we are wij hebben g we have jullie zijn g you are jullie hebben g you have zij zijn g they are zij hebben g they have NEGATIONS TO BE TO HAVE ik ben niet g I am not/I’m not ik heb niet g I don’t have /I haven’t got jij bent niet g you are not/you’re not jij hebt niet g you don’t have/you haven’t got hij is niet g he is not/he’s not hij heeft niet g he doesn’t have/he hasn’t got zij is niet g she is not/she’s not zij heeft niet g she doesn’t have/she hasn’t got het is niet g it is not/it’s not het heeft niet g it doesn’t have/it hasn’t got wij zijn niet g we are not/we ‘re not wij hebben niet g we don’t have/we haven’t got jullie zijn niet g you are not/you’re not jullie hebben g you don’t have/haven’t got zij zijn niet g they are not /they’re not zij hebben niet g they don’t have/they haven’t got QUESTIONS TO BE TO HAVE ben ik? g Am I a fan of dogs? heb ik? g Do I have/have I got a cat? ben jij? g Are you a fan of dogs? heb jij? g Do you have/have you got a cat? is hij? g Is he a fan of dogs? heeft hij? g Does he have/has he got a cat? is zij? g Is she a fan of dogs? heeft zij? g Does she have/has she got a cat? is het? g Is it a fan of dogs? heeft het? g Does it have/has it got a cat? zijn wij? g Are we a fan of dogs? hebben wij? g Do we have/have we got a cat? zijn jullie? g Are you a fan of dogs? hebben jullie?gDo you have/have you got a cat? zijn zij? g Are they a fan of dogs? hebben zij? gDo they have/have they got a cat? 76 ANIMAL WORLD - KGT