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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook


WILDLIFE Most zoo animals are a lot bigger in the wild. Michelle will go abroad to volunteer in a rescue centre for stray dogs. Some wild animals evolve into pets, for example, dogs evolved from wolves. If you don’t want to travel to Africa to see wildlife you can always go to the zoo. Most wild animals wake up when the sun comes up. The zoo has new baby pandas, you should check it out. Colourful animals are beautiful, the bad news is that they often are poisonous. A monkey can climb trees extremely fast. During the safari Linda saw a tiger. The zoo has only one giraffe. The animal with the longest nose Is an elephant. The first thing you should do when you see a lion is to run. A hippo can weigh more than 300 kilograms. The claw of a grizzly bear is bigger than a human’s face. A rhino is known for its big horn. Many people go on safari trips in Africa. To work with dangerous animals, you need a lot of experience. The price for the hotel is per person sharing. I enjoy being around animals. Be careful when you take a bush walk in Australia. Last year my family and I went camping in the mountains. Thailand has the most beautiful falls. During the safari trip you will get the chance to see a real lion. This safari is good, but that one is better the last one is the best. Watch out for the hungry lion, he is dangerous. in het wild naar het buitenland gaan bijvoorbeeld de dierentuin wakker worden probeer het eens het slechte nieuws is aap tijger giraf olifant leeuw nijlpaard beer neushoorn veel ervaring per persoon genieten een natuurwandeling kamperen watervallen kans goed, beter, best gevaarlijk Practise the list on Quizlet. 73 ANIMAL WORLD - KGT

THE LOVE OF PETS Our dog is called Sammy and it’s a beagle. My sister’s cat is very furry. A lizard can climb up walls. A guinea pig can run very fast in a wheel. Michael has two dogs, they are his pets. A parakeet is a very colourful bird. Lisa owns a turtle, it is very slow. Tom has a mouse as a pet, he named it Jerry. Angelo wants to keep a pet, but his parents won’t let him. Do not forget to feed your bunny a carrot once a day. You have to take care of your pet or don’t keep one. My dog Muck is so big it’s great to cuddle him. I like to pretend to throw a ball, so my dog runs for nothing. Older dogs need special care. Luke is scared, he lost his pet mouse because it is so small. In puppy class, my dog learned how to obey my commands. Luke is so happy to find his pet mouse, he found it in it’s cage. Lotte the Labrador has the cutest pink collar I have ever seen. It is important to walk a dog five times a day. I like to brush my cat’s fur three times per week. Fresh food is what I would like to recommend to buy for your dog. Every beagle has a tail that ends with a white tip. I think my dog has no ears because he never listens to me. My neighbour takes his dogs to the park to let them play with other dogs. Margaret owns two bunnies, so she is a pet owner. hond kat hagedis cavia huisdieren parkiet schildpad muis een huisdier houden voeren verzorgen knuffelen gooien speciale zorg verdwenen puppy cursus vinden/vonden halsband uitlaten borstelen vacht aanraden staart oren spelen huisdier eigenaar Practise the list on Quizlet. 74 ANIMAL WORLD - KGT