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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

76 A. Guess what I am -

76 A. Guess what I am - introduction Let’s play a game. Your teacher will give you a worksheet with clues. Check out the worksheet in pairs. Discuss the clues: do you know what they mean? Write the Dutch translation for the words you did not know yet. Close your eyes. Your teacher will put a sticker on your forehead with the name of an animal on it. Now open your eyes. Go around the classroom and ask your classmates to give you a clue. Give clues to classmates in return. Use the worksheet to help you. If you have guessed what animal you are, take off the sticker and put it on the back of your worksheet. Ask your teacher for a new sticker and continue the game. The one with the most stickers of all has won the game! 71 ANIMAL WORLD - ANIMALS IN DANGER - KGT

ANIMAL WORLD - VOCABULARY ALL ABOUT ANIMALS Lily likes to remember her dog to be kind to other dogs. Eleonore carefully picks up the baby goat. Every day my puppy grows a bit bigger. Rose likes to jump over obstacles on her horse. Ever since I am scared of spiders. The visitor donated a lot of money to the zoo because he loves animals. The dog asylum is closed because all the dogs are adopted. Throw ashes in your garden to get rid of unwanted insects. A dog can smell smoke one hundred times faster than a human. Fireman fight fire with water, Animals just run from the fires. When a whale is going to die it will slowly sink to the bottom of the sea. You should not fight a bull, because you are going to get hurt. Lisa wants to travel to Australia to save all the koala bears. Mary vowed to rescue all the dogs in the world when she was six. A jellyfish looks like a plastic bag but can be very deadly. Tom saw a yellow frog when he was in Argentina. Monique accidentally killed an ant when she was walking. Birds sense danger a lot quicker than humans do. A mole is almost blind because it’s always underground. Female spiders are usually bigger than male spiders. A turtle can live for more than 200 years. A squirrel will run up a tree when it’s in danger. Dogs will tilt their heads when they think something is strange. In the world, there are over 1.5 million species of animals. A famous saying is you eat like an animal. onthouden voorzichtig een beetje springen bang bezoeker dicht, gesloten as rook vuur sterven, doodgaan gewond raken redden redding kwal kikker mier gevaar een mol vrouwelijk/mannelijk schildpad eekhoorn vreemd wereld dier Practise the list on Quizlet. 72 ANIMAL WORLD - KGT