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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

66 A. Practise –

66 A. Practise – highlight Let’s have a look at some difficult words in the text. Find the words in the text and highlight them: To highlight = markeren 1. species 2. fear 3. die out 4. sparrow 5. increase 6. recovering B. Practise – find clue Now see if you can find the context clues in the text for each word. SYNONYM ANTONYM INFERENCE / EXAMPLE Species X X Types of birds Fear DEFINITION X Die out Sparrow Increase Recovering Discuss the clues in pairs before moving on to task C. C. Practise – guess the meaning Now you have found the clue. Let’s see if you can guess the meaning of the words. WOORD IK DENK DAT DE BETEKENIS IS Species Fear Die out Sparrow Increase Recovering 61 ANIMAL WORLD - ANIMALS IN DANGER - KGT

D. Practise – share and discuss Now share your guesses and discuss the meaning of the words. Talk about using context clues. How does it help? 67 A. Answer the questions Now you know the most difficult words, let’s answer some questions about the text. 1. Name three reasons why 43% of the continent’s birds are in danger. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2. Name two British birds that are at risk. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 3. What do experts describe as ‘deeply worrying’? Answer in Dutch. ____________________________________________________________________ 4. What is the good news? ____________________________________________________________________ B. Search online Go online to find out more about endangered animals. Answer the questions below in English. Search the animals in bold printing. Crocodile 1. How many reptiles are killed every year? Bold printing = dikgedrukt ____________________________________________________________________ 2. Why are they killed? ____________________________________________________________________ 3. How much is the sale of reptile skin worth every year? ____________________________________________________________________ Orang Utan 4. Where does the orang utan live? ____________________________________________________________________ 62 ANIMAL WORLD - ANIMALS IN DANGER - KGT