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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

58 Act it out Now act

58 Act it out Now act out the conversation with a classmate. Work in a group of three. Rol 1: Rol 2: Rol 3: Wendy zoekt iemand die voor haar huisdieren wil zorgen. Adam is een klasgenoot van Wendy. Feedback geef beide klasgenoten feedback. Schrijf voor elk een tip en een top op. Wissel van rol. Zorg ervoor dat iedereen ten minste 1x alle rollen heeft gehad. Schrijf op welke tops en tips je hebt gekregen: My TOPS _______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ My TIPS _______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 53 ANIMAL WORLD - THE LOVE OF PETS - KGT

ANIMAL WORLD - ANIMALS IN DANGER Many animals are in danger nowadays. Can you think of animals that are endangered? There are lots of people who try to help those animals. Can you think of organisations that help animals that are hurt or in some kind of danger? In this chapter we are going to find out more about endangered animals. At the end of this paragraph you… ... have improved your watching and listening and learn about fox cubs that need special care. … have improved your listening by listening to a special report about an animal shelter. ... are able to recognise and use new vocabulary (vocab) to read, write and talk about animals in danger. ... are able to use strategies to expand your vocabulary by word-guessing with Fast ForWord. ... are able to use context clues to guess the meaning of unknown words in a text. ... are able to recognise and use the correct word order in an English sentence. ... are able to write an article about an endangered animal. ... are able to ask for and give clues about what animal you are in playing a game. 54 ANIMAL WORLD - ANIMALS IN DANGER - KGT