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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

6. I promised my mum if

6. I promised my mum if she got me a pet, I would take care of it all by __________ (I). 7. The dog won’t walk ______________ (it). 8. We trained Bailey ______________ (we). 9. Emmanuel had to feed the snake mice ______________ (he). 10. You have to clean the cat’s litter ______________ (you). HOW DID YOU DO IN THE D-TEST? If you need extra instruction check out the video or the grammar section at the back of the chapter. 49 Notes Watch the video again if necessary and fill in the grid below. PERSONAL PRONOUN SUBJECT OBJECT POSSESSIVE POSSESSIVE REFLEXIVE FORM FORM ADJECTIVE PRONOUN PRONOUNS I me you your he his she herself it its we ours you your they them 50 Fill in the gap Fill in the correct possessive or reflexive pronoun. 1. ____________ cat is usually very playful. I really love her. a. My b. Their c. Mine 2. Look over there! ____________ ferret is on the loose. a. His b. Hers c. Mine 3. You need to walk the dog ____________ ! a. yours b. yourself c. his 4. That is ____________ dog not yours. a. their b. mine c. hers 5. That is ____________ family cat, we trained her well! a. their b. his c. our 6. ____________ training program is one of the best, thanks Chantel! a. Your b. Mine c. Their 7. You should not wash ____________ pet too often. a. your b. their c. my 8. I love ____________ friend’s pet rat but it is not ____________ . a. my, mine b. mine, my c. their, mine 47 ANIMAL WORLD - THE LOVE OF PETS - KGT

51 Let’s do this Have a good look at the sentence. Write down the correct possessive pronoun and reflexive pronoun. Example: I’ve got a white dog. It’s my white dog. The white dog is mine. 1. She has a dog training program. It’s ____________ dog training program. The dog training program is ____________. 2. You have got a ferret named Molly. Molly is____________ ferret. Molly the ferret is ____________. 3. They have got a rabbit that lives outside. It is ____________ rabbit living outside. That rabbit living outside is____________. 4. We bought our sister a hamster for her birthday. It is ____________ gift to her. The gift is ____________ and it is a hamster for her. 52 Challenge Now create your own sentences, using possessive and reflexive pronouns correctly. Write down 5 sentences. TIP: Think of things that are yours or things that belong to others. Example: This hamster is my pet. 1. _____________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________________________________ 48 ANIMAL WORLD - THE LOVE OF PETS - KGT