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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

45 Step by step Watch

45 Step by step Watch the video again if needed. Write down the steps in Dutch to answer grid questions effectively. Step 1 Lees _____________________________________________________________ Step 2 Zorg _____________________________________________________________ Step 3 Zoek _____________________________________________________________ Step 4 Begin _____________________________________________________________ Step 5 Zoek _____________________________________________________________ Step 6 Lees _____________________________________________________________ Step 7 Als _____________________________________________________________ Step 8 Kies _____________________________________________________________ 46 A. Practise Let’s answer some grid questions about the texts of task 43. Follow your 8 steps while answering. 1. Match het onderwerp bij de teksten. gevonden open dag beloning cursus gezocht A B C D E 2. Zoek op in welke tekst wordt vermeld dat… … het naamkaartje mist. … je welkom bent van 13:00-16:00. … lange, dunne staart. … in Marlow Bottom Meadow. ... het om een opdracht voor school gaat. A B C D E 3. Read the statements. Are they true or false? TEXT TRUE FALSE A You get money if you return the cat safe. B The size of the group is ten or less. C Marouane needs guinea pigs for 14 days. D The name of the dog that was found is Dax. E The only animals in the shelter are cats, dogs & guinea pigs. 45 ANIMAL WORLD - THE LOVE OF PETS - KGT

4. Match the pictures to the correct text. Which texts are most alike? B. Practise In class, discuss the assignment. Challenge: Try to talk in English. Discuss the following questions: • Are grid questions easier or more difficult as MC-questions. Why (not)? • Do keywords help you find the answer more easily? Why (not)? • Which of the steps is most useful to you? Why? Go online and login to do Reading Assistant and improve your reading even more. Keep up the good work. 47 Reflexive & Possessive Pronouns Do you know what possessive and reflexive pronouns are? Let’s find out. Watch the video and write down the possessive and reflexive pronouns? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 48 D-test Now let’s see how well you can use the possessive and reflexive pronouns. Fill in the correct possessive or reflexive pronoun by using the word in the bracket. 1. That dog is ____________ (my). 2. ____________ (Sarah and Johns) cats needed a bath. 3. ____________ (Michelle) hamster has lived for 3 years. 4. He had to take ____________ (he) dog out for a walk every day. 5. She left____________ (she) cat at her friend’s house while she was on vacation. 46 ANIMAL WORLD - THE LOVE OF PETS - KGT