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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

5. Waarom zet Lauren

5. Waarom zet Lauren haar telefoon weer op ‘Airplane-mode’ tijdens het sporten? a. Zodat ze niet gestoord wordt door mensen. b. Zodat ze zich beter kan focussen. c. Omdat ze dat afgesproken heeft met haar familie. B. Talk about it Now talk about the video. Use the questions below. • Discuss the answers to the questions first. Do you agree on the answers? • How do you feel about Lauren’s life without WiFi? Can you believe it makes her happy? Explain. 5 Crossword puzzle Check out the vocabulary for ‘Digital Life The internet’ at the back of the chapter. Do the crossword puzzle. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Across 3. gedurende 7. met 13. onmogelijk 14. slachtoffers 15. veilig 16. tegen 18. privé 20. het internet 21. minste 23. missen 24. onderzoek 25. een bedreiging Down 1. raden 2. identiteitsfraude 4. draadloos internet 5. uitdaging 6. beveligen 8. wachtwoord 9. meeste 10. mening 11. privéleven 12. zonder 17. beschermen 19. toegang 22. kletsen 157 DIGITAL LIFE - THE INTERNET - KGT

6 Last one standing Form a circle in the classroom. Your teacher will toss a ball at a classmate. He or she has to shout a word that has something to do with the internet and then toss the ball to someone else. As each person catches the ball, they need to come up with another word that fits the theme. If they repeat a word that has already been said or can’t think of a new one within a few seconds, they are out and must sit on the side. Who will be the last one standing? Practise the list ‘Digital Life: The internet’ on Quizlet. TIP Make sure you practise Quizlet at least 4 times a week, so you will pass your test easily. Go online and login to do Fast ForWord. Reading level 2 exercise Fish Frenzy. 7 A. Before reading - vocabulary Fill in the meaning of the words. There are sentences with each word as an example to help you below the grid. ENGLISH polite remove inappropriate ashamed think twice settings TRANSLATION SENTENCES TO HELP When talking to your teacher, always be friendly and polite. If you remove an app on your phone, you have to install it all over again. If you use dirty words or say other inappropriate things in class, your teacher will get angry. You have eaten all of the cookies all by yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself. My friend told me to think twice before downloading that application. She says it is no good. You can change the settings of your phone so it is on silent mode. 158 DIGITAL LIFE - THE INTERNET - KGT