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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook


EXTREME WEATHER – (UN)COUNTABLES COUNTABLE Can be counted. UNCOUNTABLE Cannot be counted. For example: an apple, a school, one photo, three phones. For example: sugar, information, water, understanding. Can take singular & plural verbs. Always takes singular verbs. For example: There is a phone on the table. Those clouds are big, aren’t they? There is some tea left in your cup. That information is confidential. Go with a /an/the/my etc in the singular. Do not go with a /an/two etc. For example: She bought a new camera. For example: Do you listen to music? Can be used alone with some/any/many/ few in the plural. Can be used alone or with some/any/ many/few in the plural. For example: Eric loves (some) sunshine every day. For example: There is some news about the tornado in Kansas. 151 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - KGT

DIGITAL LIFE THE INTERNET SOCIAL MEDIA SMART LIVING GAMES & FUN Can you imagine life without WiFi? We live in a digital age, it is hard to find people who don’t own a smartphone, especially people your age. Can you remember a day when you did not use your phone for a day? If you do, it was probably broken or stolen. It is hard to go without them and why would we? All these devices, apps and other possibilities make our lives so much easier! But do they really? Or is there another side to it. Let’s find out by digging into our digital lives. Good luck!