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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook


GRAMMAR OVERVIEW ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER COME RAIN OR SHINE - WILL + INFINITIVE AND WILL + NOT WILL + INFINITIVE A decision at the moment of speaking. Karen: There’s not any soda for the party tonight. Marco: Well, then I’ll go (to go) to the supermarket to buy some. A prediction based on opinion. I think it will rain (to rain) tomorrow evening. A future fact. The sun will rise (to rise) tomorrow. For promises & requests / refusals & offers. I will help (to help) you tomorrow, if you like. WILL + NOT How do we form the negative of future will? Personal pronoun + will + not + infinitive Examples: I will not leave you in the rain without an umbrella. Dad will not come with you. It will not be cloudy tonight. 149 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - KGT

SEASONS – PRESENT SIMPLE AFFIRMATIVE, NEGATIVE & QUESTIONS PERSONAL AFFIRMATIVE NEGATION QUESTION PRONOUN DO/DOES + NOT I ik talk don’t talk. Do I talk? you jij talk don’t talk. Do you talk? he hij talks doesn’t talk. Does he talk? she zij talks doesn’t talk. Does she talk? it het talks doesn’t talk. Does it talk? we wij talk don’t talk. Do we talk? you jullie talk don’t talk. Do you talk? they zij talk don’t talk. Do they talk? CLIMATE CHANGE - PRESENT CONTINUOUS subject am/is/are verb + ing PRONOUN I you he she it we you they AFFIRMATIVE TO BE am singing. are singing. is singing. is singing. is singing. are singing. are singing. are singing. 150 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - KGT