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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook


ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - VOCABULARY COME RAIN OR SHINE What is the weather like today? I think the weather is about to change, don’t you? I don’t really like rain, but I love sunshine. Look at those clouds! I think it is going to rain in a few minutes. My little brother is afraid of thunder. Last winter we had hail and thunder, the weather was rough. Do you like snow? I love how white and cold it is. It is very hot today, about 32 degrees Celsius. The weather forecast predicted rain, but it is really sunny today. In the Southwest there will be showers this afternoon It will be sunny but cold in the Northeast. There will be some showers in the North of England today. Look at the clouds, do you think we’ll keep it dry the next hour? The weather is really nice today, don’t you think? I hope tomorrow will be sunny and dry, we are having a picnic. It might rain in the morning. In the afternoon it will clear up. Temperatures will drop to 12 degrees in the evening. What will be the temperature this afternoon? I was lost, I couldn’t see anything because of the fog. Today it is raining, but tomorrow it will be dry. Because of the fog, visibility was poor: I couldn’t see a thing. Over the next few days, chances of sunny spells will increase. Temperatures will drop below zero: there is a chance of snow. We could see the mountains far away because it was so bright. het weer veranderen zonneschijn regenen onweer hagel sneeuw graden voorspelling zuidwesten noordoosten buien de wolken vandaag morgen ochtend middag avond temperatuur dikke mist droog slecht toenemen dalen helder Practise the list on Quizlet. 145 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - KGT

SEASONS In Summer it is usually sunny and warm. I love the colours of Autumn, but I don’t like the rain. Winter is my favourite season: I love the cold, the snow and the holidays. Everything looks so beautiful in spring. Which is your favourite season: Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring? In Summer, I like to go to the beach. In winter, we usually go skiing in France. No matter which season, it is a good idea to stay active. How do you entertain yourself on rainy days in Autumn? My favourite way to entertain myself is watching films and series. That’s funny, I also like watching films and series, just like you. I think Mr Williams is the funniest teacher ever. Yes, and Mrs Adams is the most annoying teacher in my opinion. Don’t walk so fast! I can’t keep up with you. You should try to move closer to the fireplace if you are cold. Yasmine wanted to keep her camera close to take photos. There are exits on the left, right and there’s also one in the middle. The salt is over there, could you reach for it and give it to me? My skin is all red and dry because of the cold. Skiing isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy. My lips feel all dry because of the heat. Let’s enjoy this beautiful spring day together and take a walk. The sky is all pink and gold this summer evening. I love watching the sunset in good company. This Autumn day was so lovely, I wish every day would be just as amazing. zomer herfst winter lente seizoen het strand skiën actief vermaken favoriet, lievelings zoals jij grappigste meest irritante snel bewegen dichtbij houden links, rechts, midden reiken naar huid makkelijk droog samen lucht, hemel zonsondergang iedere Practise the list on Quizlet. 146 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - KGT