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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

3. Shannon / drive / her

3. Shannon / drive / her car __________________________________________________________________________ 4. Dustin / write / an essay __________________________________________________________________________ 5. it / rain / today __________________________________________________________________________ 50 A. Small brochure - prepare Watch the video about how to create a powerful brochure. Write the tips from the speech bubbles in the right order into the grid. Say as much in as little words as possible. Use high-definition images. Avoid long stories. Use contrasting, vibrant colours. Highlight key points. Look through the eyes of your audience when making choices. Tailor to your audience. Be positive, call to action. DESIGN CONTENT RELEVANCE Eye catching B. Small brochure - find out more Take a look at the brochure on the next page. Find the elements of a brochure in it. Does it have something eye-catching? Explain. _______________________________________________________________________________ Does it have high-definition images? Explain. ________________________________________________________________________________ Does it have contrasting, vibrant colours? Explain. ________________________________________________________________________________ 127 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - CLIMATE CHANGE - KGT

Does it say as much as possible in as little words as possible? Explain. ________________________________________________________________________________ Does it highlight key points? Explain. ________________________________________________________________________________ Is it positive? Does it call to action? Explain. ________________________________________________________________________________ What is the audience, do you think? It is tailored to its audience? Explain. ________________________________________________________________________________ We all want to ensure we leave a greener planet to our children & grandchildren. To do this we have to take steps now to ensure sustainability. More than two thirds of the earth is covered by water - less than 1% of that water is freshwater – 97% is salty and the remaining 2% is ice. It is important that everyone makes an effort to conserve water. 51 Your brochure Now let’s create a brochure. You can either make a hard-copy one or a digital one. Your teacher will tell you which option(s) you have. Step 1 CHOOSE A TOPIC First, choose a topic for your brochure. It should be about something that has to do with climate change. Remember, a brochure is meant to inform and activate people. My brochure will be about… ______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Step 2 FIND INFORMATION Google your subject to find more information about it. Remember to say as much as you can in as few words as possible. Focus on: What is the problem? ________________________________________________________________________________ 128 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - CLIMATE CHANGE - KGT