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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook

B. How to - fill in Fill

B. How to - fill in Fill in the missing information below. PRONOUN I you she it AFFIRMATIVE TO BE am (play)ing is playing you are playing 48 Multiple choice Choose the correct alternative. 1. I _________________________ right now. a. am watching a movie on climate change b. is watching a movie on climate change c. are watching movies on climate change 2. Justin _________________________ an essay on global warming. a. is writing b. am writing c. are writing 3. They _________________________ instead of driving to school because it is better for the planet. a. are driving b. are cycling c. is cycling 4. We _________________________ to research the rainforest as we speak. a. are going b. is goes c. is going 5. We _________________________ about the Arctic melting. a. am talking b. are talking c. are talkings 6. The children _________________________ the nice weather. a. are enjoying b. is enjoying c. am enjoying 125 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - CLIMATE CHANGE - KGT

49 A. Fill in - full verb Fill in the correct form of the full verb in the present continuous. Example: Answer: Alexis is _______________ home from his trip. (to come) Alexis is coming home from his trip. 1. They are _______________________ in the ocean. (to swim) 2. She is_______________________ that the weather is poor. (to say) 3. Siem is _______________________ a research paper. (to write) 4. They are _______________________ instead of driving. (to run) 5. It is _______________________ . (to melt) 6. We are _______________________ to school. (to cycle) 7. Walid is _______________________ about the rainforest. (to talk) 8. We are _______________________ money for a trip to the Arctic. (to save) 9. She is _____________________ outside. (to garden) 10. The sun is _______________________ . (to shine) B. Fill in - present continuous Now practise filling in the present continuous. Don’t forget the auxiliary! Example: Mohammed _______________ his family this afternoon. (to see) Answer: Mohammed is seeing his family this afternoon. 1. Melissa and I _______________________ about climate change. (to wonder) 2. I ________________________ the trip with my bike instead. (to make) 3. They _______________________ in tents outside. (to sleep) 4. Maria _______________________ to the meeting with Alex. (to go) 5. We _______________________ trees outside of our home. (to plant) 6. It _______________________ the entire world. (to affect) 7. She _______________________ to school. (to walk) 8. We _________________________ water. (to save) 9. My mum _______________________ me with my essay. (to help) 10. Harry ________________________ of a solution to the problem. (to think) C. Challenge Use the words given to create a sentence in the present continuous tense. Example: “She / eat / hamburger” “She is eating a hamburger.” 1. the sun / shine __________________________________________________________________________ 2. we / ride / our bikes __________________________________________________________________________ 126 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - CLIMATE CHANGE - KGT