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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 2 VMBO-KGT Workbook


HOW TO USE THE SKI LIFT 1 Step 1 Put your skis on. Grab your poles, but don’t put your hands into the straps. Step 2 Get in line for the lift. The higher up the lift goes, the faster the chair lift may move. Step 3 Glide your way to the lifting area and keep your poles close to you. Stop on the marked line. Step 4 If you’ll be sitting in the left, put both poles in your right hand, and look over your left shoulder. If you’ll be sitting on the right, do the opposite. If you’ll be sitting in the middle, do it either way. Step 5 Bend your knees slightly because the chair (lift) will hit them, but this is normal. As the chair approaches, you may want to reach for it with your free hand. Step 6 Sit down when the lift touches the backs of your knees and pull the metal bar down over you as a seat belt and you are on your way! Get set for a summer glow Even more than your legs and arms, your face is exposed to the sun almost every day. You should use sunscreen every day, not just on trips to the beach. Have you thought about what sunscreen you should use? There are many options and it is important to use the right sunscreen. There is sunscreen for every skin type. 2 To help you find the best sunscreen, here’s a test to find out what your skin type is. “The easiest way to find out what your skin type is to leave it all natural from morning to evening on a typical day,” says Xandra Waterford, MD, dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. What does your skin feel and look like by he end of the day? Does your face look shiny and feel oily? Is your face mostly matte, but your T-zone shimmering? Do you have minimal flakiness, oil or redness, or none at all? Is your skin tight or flaky? Is your skin red, itchy or inflamed? Skin type oily skin combination skin normal skin dry skin sensitive skin If you’re looking for a sunscreen with extra SPF, Wavera is a must-have and it’s a favourite among dermatologists. Wavera offers a range of sunscreen products for every skintype, specially designed for facial use. Go to your nearest store to get a sample and find out for yourself! W Starlings in Denmark In autumn, many birds flock together in the Wadden Sea National Park in Denmark to get some rest and food on their way south for the winter. Thousands of birds are swirling together in the Autumn sky, and many people love to watch them. When the birds land, they look like a flock of ballerinas and they block the view of the sky. That is why they are called “Black Sun” which is the biggest Danish nature event. From the end of September to the beginning of October you can see up to a million birds landing around sunset. They put on a show which attracts around a hundred thousand spectators every year. 3 105 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - SEASONS - KGT

25 A. Text goals - match Do you remember the text goals? Let’s find out. Watch the video and recap on text goals. Match the text goals with the explanation. 1. To activate A. De lezer informeren over iets. 2. To instruct B. De lezer overtuigen van iets. 3. To convince C. De lezer aanzetten / overhalen om iets te doen. 4. To inform D. De lezer vermaken. 5. To entertain E. De lezer instructies geven. 1 2 3 4 5 B. Kahoot! Play the Kahoot! Choose the correct text goal for each text. 26 Practise Let’s practise the text goals. Have a look at the texts of task 24 again. TEXT TEXT GOAL 1 2 3 27 A. Answering questions - text 1 Now you know the text goals, let’s answer some questions about the text. 1. Is it true or false? Voor je in de ski lift stapt moet je je ski’s aandoen. Hoe hoger de ski lift des te meer snelheid. Je moet goed nadenken aan welke kant van de lift je zit in verband met je stokken. Je moet goed rechtop staan, anders krijg je last van je knieën. Ga zitten nadat de metalen stang naar beneden is getrokken. WAAR NIET WAAR 106 ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER - SEASONS - KGT