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2 BK Antwoordmodel

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2 BK Antwoordmodel


PERSONAL PRONOUN I you he she it we you they TO BE Am I the bad guy now? Are you kidding me? Is he serious or just joking? Why is she so mean to everyone? Why is it so hard to learn a language? Are we ready to go or not? When are you girls finished? Are they texting yet? PERSONAL PRONOUN I you he she it we you they TO DO Do I look funny in this Snap? Do you like Instagram as much as I do?? Does he post every day? Why does she do that? It’s not funny. Why does the internet get so slow? Do you guys go to that LAN-party? Why do your parents check your social media? Do they text via messenger or WhatsApp? 15 Choose 1. B 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. C STERK Engels – Antwoordmodel – 2 BK 47

16 Conversation 1. is 2. Do… have / have.... got 3. have got 4. Do… have / have… got 5. is 6. has 7. are 8. am 9. is 10. are 11.Do 17 Ask questions 1. Do you have a passion for rock climbing? 2. Do you love social media? 3. Is Michael good at football? 4. Do you have a bag full of groceries? 5. Do they have to clean the wall? 6. Do you know where my phone is? 7. Are you ready to go? 8. Are William and Farouk best friends?? 9. Do I need a device to use the internet? 10. How do we go to the big statue? 18 A. Online safety threat SOORT BEDREIGING VOLGENS WIKIPEDIA … 1. Phishing Informatie stelen door je voor te doen als een betrouwbare bron. 2. Internet scams Oplichting via het internet 3. Malware Software die stiekem je gegevens steelt en doorgeeft terwijl het zich voordoet als bescherming. 4. cyberstalking Iemand lastigvallen en achtervolgen via het internet 5. cyberbullying Iemand pesten via het internet. STERK Engels – Antwoordmodel – 2 BK 48