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2 BK Antwoordmodel

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2 BK Antwoordmodel

43 A Text goals –

43 A Text goals – prepare 1. De lezer aanzetten/ overhalen om iets te doen. 2. De lezer instructies geven. 3. De lezer overtuigen van iets. 4. De lezer informeren over iets. 5. De lezer vermaken. 43 B Text goals – practise TO ACTIVATE TO INSTRUCT TO CONVINCE TO INFORM TO ENTERTAIN A X B X X C X D X E X X 44 A Questions – text A 1. C 2. D 3. MENING GWEN HARRY HALIMA DAOUAD Beetje saai, maar wel goede informatie. X Geweldige film. X Goede uitleg wat er mis is, jammer dat er geen tips gegeven worden. X Vreselijke film. X 44 B Questions – text C STATEMENT TRUE FALSE 1,000 people protested against climate change. X The writer thinks the protest will help climate change. X STERK Engels – Antwoordmodel – 2 BK 35

The people who protested want the government to act to stop climate change. X The writer thinks climate change can’t be stopped. X The writer does not really understand why people go to a protest. X 44 C Questions – text D 1. B 46 D-test 1. I am reading. 2. I am switching to energy saving light bulbs. 3. We are cycling to school. 4. The Arctic ice is melting. 5. We are working in the garden. 6. It is raining a lot. 47 A How to – the rule SUBJECT à AM/IS/ARE à VERB à +ING 47 B How to – fill in PRONOUN I You He She It We They You AFFIRMATIVE TO BE Am (play) ing Are playing Is playing Is playing Is playing Are playing Are playing Are playing STERK Engels – Antwoordmodel – 2 BK 36