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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook


WHAT SCORE POINTS Grammar/ spelling De tekst is (vrijwel) helemaal correct. De tekst is redelijk correct. De tekst is matig correct. De tekst zit vol fouten. 3 2 1 0 C. WhatsApp - feedback Now work in pairs. Check each other’s WhatsApp message. Give each other TOPs & TIPs. My TOPS My TIPS 18 Invitation - steps Now you are going to write your own invitation. Go to the website the steps. Check out the sentences to help on the next page. 1. Choose a card that you like. 2. Click the card to have a closer look. 3. If you are sure, press ‘send this eCard’. 4. Fill in your name and your email address. 5. Fill in your teacher’s name and email address. 6. Click ‘next’. and follow 7. Now write the actual invitation: Bedenk je eigen onderwerp (subject). 8. Schrijf (Add your message here…) a … een correcte Engelse groet. b … dat je hem/haar uit wilt nodigen voor een picnic/feest/bbq etc. c … waar het is en wanneer. d ... wat hij/zij mee moet nemen. e Vraag om een reactie per e-mail. f Sluit correct af. 97 CELEBRATIONS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - KGT

9. Before you press ‘send my eCard’ you have to think about when you want to send the card? This is an American website, that means that the date is written different from the way we do. Can you see the difference if you click the date? Fill in the grid below. Nederlands 7 OKTOBER 2020 Amerikaans Now choose a date to send the card. 10. Below the date, you can see a checkbox called ‘Add me to Holiday’, Updates and Special Offers Email Alerts. What happens if you tick this box? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Decide for yourself if you want to tick this box or not. 11. Now press ‘send this eCard’. Your teacher will receive the postcard on the date you chose at step 9. SENTENCES TO HELP Dear Peter, I would like to invite you to…. It is in... (place) at… (date/time) Please bring... Please RSVP to (email address) I hope to see you then and there! Kind regards, (name) Beste Peter, Ik zou u graag uit willen nodigen voor… Het is in...(plaats) om... (tijd) Breng alstublieft... Wilt u laten weten of u komt via (email adres) Ik hoop je dan daar te zien! Met vriendelijke groet, (naam) 98 CELEBRATIONS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - KGT