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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

Surprise party (WhatsApp

Surprise party (WhatsApp group) @Casey: Hi guys, as you all know it’s Adam’s birthday next month. Yassine and I have planned a surprise party for him next Saturday. Are you guys coming too? We are meeting each other at the shopping centre at 8 PM. Remember, it is a surprise, so don’t tell Adam! @Timothy: Great idea, what’s the plan? @Karim: I’ll be there! @Casey (reply @Timothy) It was to go to the laser game hall. But it turns out that’s closed. So now the plan is we are going ice-skating. @Hannah: Guys, I’m sorry but we are having dinner at my grandparents. They have their wedding anniversary… Which means Adam can’t come to this party… @Casey: You’re joking! We are so stupid! I did not even check with Adam if he could make it…! @Yassine: Don’t worry, these things happen. We can pick another date. How is Friday night for everyone… @Casey: Friday’s fine for me. @Hannah (reply @Casey: Fridays fine for me) Same for me. @Gwen (reply @Hannah ‘same for me’) me too. @ Walid (reply @Casey) @Chris (reply @Casey) I am babysitting, but I hope my sister can take over. @Yassine (reply @Casey) Haha, Adam and I have planned to go to the cinema on Friday. Which is only good news! The surprise will be all the better! @Gwen: Keith is working at the moment. But I know he’s free this Friday, so he’s good. @Casey: Only haven’t heard from @Keith yet? @Yassine: Great, then we are all set. See you all then and there! Don’t forget to bring your own ice-skates if you have them. 7 Reference words Watch the video about reference words. What are reference words? Write down 5 reference words and their meaning in Dutch. REFERENCE WORD DUTCH TRANSLATION 89 CELEBRATIONS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - KGT

8 Highlight Go back to the text and highlight all the reference words. Write them down and fill in what the reference word refers to. WHO REFERENCE WORD REFERS TO @Casey him Adam @Casey (re Timothy) @Hannah @ Yassine & @Yassine (re Casey) @Yassine 9 A. Answer the questions Answer questions about the text. Choose the correct answer. Remember the reference words. 1. Who’s birthday is next week? a. Adam’s b. Timothy’s c. Karim’s d. None of the above 2. What is the plan for the surprise party? a. laser gaming b. dinner c. ice skating d. going to the cinema 3. Wat was de oorzaak dat de plannen veranderd zijn? Leg uit in het Nederlands: __________________________________________________________________________ 4. Hoe lost Yassine het probleem op? a. Ze gaan ergens anders heen. b. Ze gaan op een ander tijdstip. c. Hij zegt zijn afspraak met Adam af. d. Ze gaan op een andere dag. 5. Wie kan misschien niet op het feestje komen? a. Adam b. Walid c. Chris d. Keith e. Gwen 90 CELEBRATIONS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - KGT