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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook


CELEBRATIONS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hip, hip, hooray! Most people around the world celebrate their birthday every year. Do you know when this tradition started? And how do people celebrate their birthdays nowadays? Let’s find out. At the end of this paragraph you… ... have improved your listening and learn about different birthday parties and the origins of celebrating birthdays. ... are able to recognise and use new vocabulary (vocab) to read, write and talk about birthdays. ... are able to use strategies to expand your vocabulary by word-guessing with Fast ForWord. ... are able to recognise reference words and use them to answer questions about texts. ... are able to recognise and use the present continuous. ... are able to write an RSVP and invitation to a birthday party. ... are able to guess who’s at a party, using the present continuous. 83 CELEBRATIONS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - KGT

1 A. Birthday party - watch Let’s watch a video to see the difference between a teenagers birthday and a child’s birthday party. Shocking things = Schokkende dingen Fill in the grid while watching. Invitation (The invite) The present CHILD Heel ver van te voren, heel enthousiast en zenuwachtig. TEENAGER The outfit B. Birthday party - compare Compare to your own experience as a child and as a teen. Fill in the grid. WHEN I WAS A CHILD NOW I AM A TEENAGER Invitation (The invite) The present The outfit C. Birthday party - talk about it Now talk about the video: • How did you celebrate your birthday as a child? • How do you celebrate your birthday now? • What are the differences between your birthdays and Eva’s birthdays? • What are similarities between your birthdays and Eva’s birthdays? Differences and similarities = verschillen en overeenkomsten 2 A. Birthday - traditions You are going to watch a video about the origins of birthday traditions. Write down which three things are explained in the video. TRADITIONS DUTCH TRANSLATION B. Birthday - origins Now, watch the video again. Answer the questions below. 1. Wat wordt er verteld over de oude Egyptenaren? a. Zij vierden de sterfdag van Farao’s. b. Zij eerden de goden met een jaarlijkse feestdag. c. Zij hebben verjaardagen uitgevonden. Origin = oorsprong 84 CELEBRATIONS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - KGT