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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

AFTER SCHOOL I make sure

AFTER SCHOOL I make sure to eat breakfast before school starts. voordat I like to watch television while I eat. terwijl We usually eat dinner after everyone is home. na/nadat My brother loves to play badminton. badminton spelen My sister wants to do judo. judo doen Emily really likes to dance. dansen My friends and I often like to sing pop songs. zingen We signed up for an acting class together. acteerles The library has a book club. boekenclub Every day there is a live show at the café down the street. demonstratie They hand out free samples of their food. gratis eten en drinken He wanted to try a new activity. activiteit The show starts at half past two. 14:30 uur The second set starts at three o’clock. 15:00 uur There is a paper to sign up for the comedy show. registeren He needed to practise his act more. oefenen To be good at a sport you need to do a lot of training. trainen The soccer match was a tie. wedstrijd We all bought tickets for the next game. kaartje School begins at 8:00 am. 1 uur s’ochtends tot 11 uur s’ochtends I usually have dance class at 6:00 pm. 12 uur s’middags tot 12 uur s’nachts The cheerleaders needed to learn a dance together. een dans The changing room line-up was very long. paskamer We had to change before we could go on stage. omkleden She was throwing a party on the weekend. feest Practise the list on Quizlet. 77 SCHOOL LIFE - KGT

GRAMMAR OVERVIEW MY SCHOOL MY SCHOOL - PERSONAL PRONOUNS SUBJECT OBJECT Ik g I mij g my jij g you jou g your hij g he hem g him zij g she haar g her het g it het g it wij g we ons g us zij g they hen/hun g them jullie g you jullie g you 78 SCHOOL LIFE - KGT