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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook


BOARDING SCHOOL What do you think about going to a boarding school? Everyone learns in a different way. She joined the staff meeting on Tuesday. Would you like to take a language course in the summer? The school has so many fun activities to join. I forgot to call the school to tell them I am sick today. I can never memorise my schools telephone number. She was speaking a new language. The class assignment was writing a story. I had to dial the number to call the school. She told me to send the letter before the weekend. He paid the caretaker of the school for his board and lodging. They gave us a leaflet to tell us about the school activities. We always go on vacation for the holidays. The teachers were very experienced. We were only allowed to write in our workbook. We always have fun while at school. We try to make everyone in the class feel included. If it were possible, everyone would be doing it! I forgot to thank you for helping me with my homework. You can always end an email with the greeting, kind regards. The beginning of a letter or email usually begins with Dear sir/madam. There was so much to see in the city. You need to fill out this form to attend the school trip. Can you please fill out this enquiry form? kostschool verschillend/anders personeel taalcursus activiteiten bellen telefoon spreken schrijven om te bellen versturen kost en inwoning brochure vakantie/feestdagen ervaren werkboek/schrijft plezier betrekken mogelijk bedanken/dankje vriendelijke groeten geachte heer/mevrouw stad invullen aanvraagformulier Practise the list on Quizlet. 75 SCHOOL LIFE - KGT

HOMEWORK You must make sure that you do your homework everyday. We usually have a lot of homework. You must prepare for your test before the test date. That means you need to study a lot. We need to learn about the grammar to pass our test. He needs to spend time on that assignment. There is not enough time to learn all of that. It will be difficult to pass your test without studying. You can find many exercises to practise studying online. Wait a second, you forgot your book! Maths is not my favourite subject in school. At the end of this year you will have an English exam. When you come into the class, I would like you to sit at your own desk. The teacher told us to make a folder to keep our English notes in. We took a class photo at the end of the year. Make sure you take notes to study for your exam. She handed out a worksheet to every student. He always made sure to organise his homework. The teacher told us he would check our homework every day. The classroom had to be tidy at the end of the day. The girl wrote down her homework in her school diary every day. Did you receive my email? That mentor always gives the best advice. I am never late handing in my homework! I always do my homework after dinner. huiswerk veel voorbereiden studeren leren tijd besteden aan genoeg moelijk oefeningen wacht eens even wiskunde examen bureau mapje foto aantekeningen werkblad organiseren controleren netjes school agenda ontvangen advies nooit na Practise the list on Quizlet. 76 SCHOOL LIFE - KGT