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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

TIP: Think of an

TIP: Think of an activity you would like at your school! My poster will be about: ____________________________________ B. Create a poster - content You need to give information about your after school activity. Extra info: think of…. … things you need for the event, dress code, free food etc. 1. Date/time _______________________________________________ 2. Place _______________________________________________ 3. Admission fee _________________________________________ 4. Extra info _______________________________________________ 5. Website/social media ___________________________________ Call-out = iets wat de aandacht trekt, zoals 24 hours of non-stop gaming! 6. Call-out _______________________________________________ C. Create a poster - lay-out Now find a photo or illustration for the background of your poster. Maybe you want extra photos, images or logos. Use the internet and save them on your computer. D. Create a poster - check Check out the rubric to check yourself. WHAT SCORE POINTS Content Alle 6 zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. 4 1.Onderwerp Ten minste 4 zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. 3 2.Datum/tijd/plaats Ten minste 3 zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. 2 3.Toegangsprijs Ten minste 2 zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. 1 4. Extra informatie Minder dan 2 zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. 0 5.Website/social media 6.Call-out Lay out Alle 3 zijn uitstekend uitgevoerd. 3 1. De poster heeft een Alle 3 zijn voldoende uitgevoerd. 2 aantrekkelijke, passende 2 van de 3 zijn voldoende uitgevoerd. 1 achtergrond foto/illustratie. Minder dan 2 zijn voldoende uitgevoerd. 0 2. Het is direct duidelijk waar de poster voor bedoelt is. 3.De informatie is duidelijk leesbaar en de poster ziet er leuk uit. 75 How to give a presentation Watch the video . There are 3 things important when you give a presentation. 71 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT

Explain or translate into Dutch: Attention _________________________________________ Voice _______________________________________________ Posture _________________________________________ Now fill in the grid using the words below. Look up difficult words in a dictionary. clearly – up straight – the people who – belly – slowly - volume – active and positive ATTENTION VOICE POSTURE Look ____________________! Speak _________________ Keep your head and _________________. _________________ . To _________________ are Use your breathing for Relax your listening. _________________. _________________. 76 77 Prepare your presentation Now you are going to prepare your presentation of the poster. A. Opening. Start with an interesting opening, like a question. B. Introduction. Introduce the activity, make sure it sounds fun. C. Details. Point at detail information and explain in full sentences. D. Close. Finish your presentation with a bang. E. Check. Check out the rubric to see how you will be marked. Practice is every Wednesday from Present to classmate 3 to 4pm. Let’s try presenting your poster to one classmate. Work with a classmate and give each other feedback on how to improve. What went well and what can be improved? Give each other first a TOP and then a TIP. Keep your tip positive. “Do you like swimming too?” There’s a new water polo school team, they are looking for talent! I hope to see you next practice It will be fun! My TOPS My TIPS Check out the rubric to see how you would mark each other. 72 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT