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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

You are going to create

You are going to create a poster about an after school activity. Which type(s) of poster(s) can you choose for this purpose? SENTENCE TRUE FALSE An educational poster A decorative poster An advertisement Explain your choice(s): __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 72 An example In task 64 you saw a few posters and notices for after school activities. Let’s take a closer look at one of them and create your very own poster. Let’s have a look at the poster below and answer the questions. 08 24 hours of non-stop gaming! Beantwoord de vragen in het Nederlands. 1.Waar is deze poster voor? ________________________ LAN ________________________ 2. Welke informatie zie je allemaal staan? ________________________ ________________________ 3. Wat zie je verder op de poster? ________________________ Friday 8th of November 4pm- Saturday 4pm Bring your own laptop - Free food & drink dollars entrance fee @westend-mbipsum ________________________ 4. Wat trekt de aandacht? ________________________ ________________________ 69 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT

Compare – in pairs Compare your answers with a classmate. Did you find the same information? Share – in class Now share in class: discuss what you see on the poster in detail. 73 Old school, office or online Posters can be made old-school on paper or by using an office programme like Word, PowerPoint or Publisher. You could also choose to use an online poster-maker, like Crello. Watch the video to see what you can do with Crello and how it works. Fill in the grid below. What are the pros and cons of the different options for creating a poster, do you think? Pros OLD-SCHOOL PAPER POSTER OFFICE POSTER (WORD, FOR EXAMPLE) ONLINE POSTER (CRELLO, FOR EXAMPLE) Cons Now talk about your answers in class. Ask your teacher which options you have to create your poster before you continue with the next task. 74 A. Create a poster - purpose A poster can be about anything. They come in all sizes and shapes. But they have similarities too. Now think of a topic for your poster. What is the poster for? Here are some tips to help you. All sizes and shapes = allerlei maten en vormen. Similarities = overeenkomsten themed school party - sports match or training - practice for sports, music, dance etc - show or performance - homework club - auditions for a musical, band etc 70 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT