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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

69 Fill in Now all on

69 Fill in Now all on your own. Fill in the correct form of ‘to have’ or ‘have got’. The first one is completed for you. 1. John Adams high school has a couple of sports teams. 2. They __________ over five teams. 3. The most popular team __________ to be the football team. 4. It __________ the biggest fan group. 5. Julian __________ the lead position on the team. 6. We also __________ a soccer team. 7. It __________ to be the most popular sport in the school district. 8. Jessica __________ the lead position. 9. She __________ to try very hard to play well. 10. __________you __________ to try hard to play a sport well? 11. __________ she __________ a favourite sport? 12. No, she __________ a favourite sports team. 13. __________ your school __________ a sports team? 14. I asked my mom if she __________ time to come watch me play. 15. She said she ’__________ to go pick up my brother first. 16. The other high school’ __________ the best volleyball team. 17. We’ __________ the best soccer team. 18. __________ we __________ a football team too? 19. We need more sports teams though. We __________ many. 20. The teachers __________ any idea how important they are to us. 21. __________ you __________ a team shirt yet? 22. He __________ a shirt yet. 23. __________ you __________ a shirt for him? 24. They’ __________ them in that box over there. 25. No, they __________ them anymore. 67 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT

70 Challenge Answer the questions with sentences using ‘have’ or ‘have got’. Use the information in the brackets to write your answer. Keep the different forms in mind (questions , negations , contractions). ? Brackets = tussen haakjes Example: What does he need to do to join the soccer team? (hogere cijfers) Answer: He has to get better grades. 1. What does the basketball team need to do to win the championship? (samen trainen) __________________________________________________________________________ 2. What does the coach need to do to help them win? (spel leren) __________________________________________________________________________ 3. How should you play if you want to join the team? (goed spelen) __________________________________________________________________________ 4. What do you usually have to do before you start playing? (strekken) __________________________________________________________________________ 5. What does the team need to do to win the game? (scoren) __________________________________________________________________________ 6. What does the audience need to do to help the team? (aanmoedigen/applaus) __________________________________________________________________________ 71 Purpose What purpose can a poster have? Put the correct poster with the description. poster A An advertisement poster B An educational poster poster C A decorative poster POSTER OMSCHRIJVING Om reclame te maken voor iets; bijvoorbeeld een voorstelling, een wedstrijd, een evenement of een feest. Om iets uit te leggen; bijvoorbeeld wat de schoolregels zijn, tips over hoe je moet leren of een stappenplan hoe je je huiswerk goed kunt plannen. Om een ruimte op te vrolijken; bijvoorbeeld een uitvergrote foto van een landschap of een mooie tekening. 68 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT