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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

61 A. After school -

61 A. After school - prepare for listening Many American high schools offer after school activities. Let’s listen to students talking about after school activities. Do the preparation exercise first. Write the words in the correct group. drama – badminton – dancing - table tennis - acting - basketball - water polo – diving – golf – hockey - swimming – karate – soccer WATER SPORTS INDOOR SPORTS OUTDOOR SPORTS OTHER ACTIVITIES B. After school - while listening Listen to the audio and check your understanding. Is it true or false? Do this exercise while you listen. SENTENCE TRUE FALSE Jasmine is looking at the noticeboard. Daryl knows there are many after school activities. Jasmine likes acting. Daryl doesn’t like sports. Jasmine likes swimming. Daryl knows hockey really well. Hockey practice is on Monday at half past two. Daryl wants to go to hockey practice. Jasmine will sign up for hockey practice. C. After school - after listening Check your understanding: fill the gaps: Complete the dialogue with phrases from the box. Listen again if necessary. See you soon - I don’t like acting or - to sign us up for - doing here - Well, we could go - is not for me… I don’t - could go - not sure about - to sign up for an activity - practice every - I had no idea - Thanks. Well, I - look at - don’t know, maybe Daryl: Hi Jasmine, what are you ________________? Jasmine: Oh, hi Daryl. I’m reading the notices on the pin board.________________ all those after school activities! 57 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT

Daryl: Oh, yes. ________________ there are so many things to do after school. Are you going ________________? Jasmine: I __________________________ I think drama is fun. And I love dancing, so maybe a dance class? Daryl: Ugh, ___________________ dancing at all… I think sports is much better. Look! There is a water polo club, I love swimming! Jasmine: Swimming __________________ like it at all. But look, there is a hockey team! It’s a mixed team, see? We ___________________ together, then! Daryl: Hockey, well … I’m ________________ that. That’s with a stick and a ball, isn’t it? Jasmine: Yes, I think so. It says here on the notice there’s ____________________ Monday afternoon, from three to four o’clock. That would be perfect, our lessons end at half past two. Daryl: ___________________________ to hockey practice next Monday, see what it is like… Jasmine: Great! I will send an email to Mr. Williams ______________________ this Monday. Daryl: ________________ have to go now. I have a Maths test. Bye! Jasmine: Good luck! ______________________ ! 62 Mind map Check out the vocabulary for ‘School Life: Studying & Homework’ at the back of the chapter. Fill in the mind map below. Use the words from the list. MONEY TIME ACTIVITIES before while after to play badminton to do judo to dance to sing acting class book club show free samples activity half past two three o’clock to sign up practice training match tickets am pm a dance changing room to change party 58 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT