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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook


SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL What do you do after school? When school is out, you can go home. Maybe you have to do homework. But there are so many other things you can do. Can you think of any activities? In this chapter you are going to find out more about after school activities. At the end of this paragraph you… ... have improved your listening and learn about after school activities. ... are able to recognise and use new vocabulary (vocab) to read, write and talk about after school activities. ... are able to use strategies to expand your vocabulary by word-guessing with Fast ForWord. ... are able to use the strategies before, while & after reading to answer reading questions. ... are able to recognise and use the verb ‘to have (got)’. ... are able to create a poster for after school activities. ... are able to present your poster. 55 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT

60 A. It’s time Do you ever watch the clock in class? Sometimes you wish it would tick a little faster, don’t you? You are going to watch a video about students who watch the clock too. What are they waiting for in the beginning (and celebrating at the end) of the video? Try to answer in English if you can. To celebrate = vieren ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ B. Activities The video is about an American High School. In the video you hear and see a lot of things American students do after school. Write down things you see and hear below. SPORT MUZIEK / DANS VRIENDEN / VRIJE TIJD C. Let’s talk about it How does American high school compare to your school? In class, discuss the questions below: • Would you like to go to an American high school? Why (not)? • What is the same at your school? • What is different at your school? • What after school activities do you like to do? (sports, acting or something else?) • How do you celebrate when it’s time for a holiday? Explain. 56 SCHOOL LIFE - AFTER SCHOOL - KGT