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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

58 Sentences to help

58 Sentences to help Create your own sentences to help in English. SENTENCES TO HELP Ik denk dat je je bureau netjes moet houden. Waarom zet je geen prullenbak naast je bureau? Heb je weleens gedacht aan een prikbord boven je bureau? Ik weet niet of een etui of pot voor je pennen een goed idee is? Als ik jou was, zou ik het bureau elke dag opruimen. Mijn advies is om geen eten en drinken op je bureau te zetten. Heb je een mapje voor losse papieren geprobeerd? I think you should Why don’t you Have you ever thought about I don’t know if If I were you, I would My advice is to Have you tried 59 A. Let’s talk Now let’s talk! You are going to work in pairs and give each other advice on keeping your desk neat. Choose 2 statements from the list below. If you want, you can create your own statement for advice (use 7 & 8). At turns, read out your statement to your classmate who will give you advice. 1. I always spill my drinks and there are crumbs everywhere. What can I do? 2. I can never find my notes, those tiny scraps of paper just disappear. What should I do? 3. My pens and pencils are all over the place. When I need one, I can’t find it. Now what? 4. All my assignments and other loose worksheets are lost in books. How can I organise them? 5. My desk is full of things I don’t need anymore. I can’t find the things I do need. Can you help me? 6. I never clean my desk, only when I really can’t find anything anymore. It takes ages then! What should I do? 7. _________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 53 SCHOOL LIFE - HOMEWORK - KGT

B. Feedback Let’s give each other feedback, what went well and what can be improved? Give each other first a TOP and then a TIP. My TOPS My TIPS 54 SCHOOL LIFE - HOMEWORK - KGT