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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

3. She wrote the notes

3. She wrote the notes in_____ notebook. o herself o myself o himself her 4. The teacher said the other classes’ homework must be completed on time like _____. o his o ours o themselves our 5. Ben said the green pens are only for _____. o his o himself o hers him 6. We created the project _____. o ourselves o ours o themselves us 7. I lost my pen. Ben, can I borrow _____ before the exam? o yours o theirs o his your 8. Jack decided to reward _____ for studying all night. o his o yourself o himself him 9. This is Ben’s green pen. I lost_____. o mine o yours o his my 50 Fill in Now all on your own. Fill in the correct word. Use the possessive pronouns and adjectives or reflexive pronouns. 1. Our teacher told us that____________ is the best class when it comes to doing homework. 2. She knows this because she was good at doing homework ____________. 3. The other class is bigger than ____________ class. 4. I know because I counted the number of students ____________. 5. They will have to do their homework ____________. 6. We have to do our homework on time because it won’t do ____________. 7. I left ____________ homework at home. 8. Miss Smith said you have to do it all by____________. 9. My best friend Angela wanted to finish ____________ for me. 10. I told her to focus on ____________own homework. 11. I will do ____________ all by ____________. 47 SCHOOL LIFE - HOMEWORK - KGT

51 A. Rewrite – possessive pronouns See if you can rewrite the underlined part of the sentences below. Have a good look at the example to help you. Example: Is the green car Benjamin’s? Answer: Is the green car his? 1. Is that my homework? _________________________________________________________________________ 2. This study guide is a lot longer than Jennifer’s. _________________________________________________________________________ 3. They are copying that assignment but it is not their assignment. _________________________________________________________________________ 4. Which room is class 3 in? _________________________________________________________________________ 5. There’s a project displayed on the table but I don’t think it is our project. _________________________________________________________________________ 6. Is that one Justin’s project? _________________________________________________________________________ B. Write – reflexive pronouns Write your own sentence using the reflexive pronoun: Example: Himself - He didn’t know how to do it himself. 1. Yourself - _______________________________________________________. 2. Herself - _______________________________________________________. 3. Themselves - _______________________________________________________. 4. Ourselves - _______________________________________________________. 5. Itself - _______________________________________________________. 6. Myself - _______________________________________________________. TIP You have learnt a few tips and tricks about doing your homework. Now you are going to send an email about it to give advice to Derek in the UK. 48 SCHOOL LIFE - HOMEWORK - KGT