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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

54 A. Summary - prepare

54 A. Summary - prepare You are going to write a summary about the story of Thanksgiving. You already tried that in task 46, using the placemat method. This time, you will use the 5-steps method. Watch the first part of the video about summarising. Write down in Dutch what summarising is and why it is important. ‘Summarizing’ is dat je ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Het is belangrijk omdat ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ B. Summary - steps Watch the video again. Write down all 5 steps in the hand. 55 Plymouth’s Story You are going to watch another video about the story of Thanksgiving, as told by Plymouth Rock. You are going to write a summary about the video, using the 5 steps. Write your answers in Dutch. Who? Over wie gaat het verhaal? ___________________________________________________________ En wie vertelt het verhaal? __________________________________________________________________________ What? Wat is het probleem van de mensen in het verhaal? __________________________________________________________________________ En wat gebeurt er met de verteller? __________________________________________________________________________ When? Wanneer speelt het verhaal zich af? __________________________________________________________________________ Where? Waar speelt het verhaal zich af? __________________________________________________________________________ How? Hoe wordt het probleem opgelost? __________________________________________________________________________ 127 CELEBRATIONS - WORLDWIDE - KGT

56 A. Write the story - transition words Now you have a summary of the video, you can write the story. All you have to do is put the information together, and write it in English. To make sure it is a whole story, use transition words. Watch the video to find out what they are and how you use them. Write down the translation of the transition words, Use a dictionary if you need to. English Dutch Example and en The Pilgrims came from the UK and travelled to the USA. too unlike before after at the time in short because of that’s why even so suddenly while so afterward in the end B. Write the story Now write the story of Thanksgiving by Plymouth Rock in your own words. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 128 CELEBRATIONS - WORLDWIDE - KGT