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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

C. Questions - let’s

C. Questions - let’s talk about it In class, discuss the following questions. Challenge: try to speak English! • How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Explain why. • Have you ever sent a Valentine’s Card? Or receive one? • Did you learn things about Valentine’s Day you did not know before? Go online and login to do Reading Assistant and improve your reading even more. Keep up the good work. 48 Telling time Time is important and being able to tell the time might even be more important. Watch the video about telling time and answer the questions below. 1. What do English people say when it’s 08:45? Highlight the word that is the most important. ______________________________ 2. Which half of the clock is ‘to’ and which half is past? Draw on the clock on the right. 49 D-test Fill in the correct answers by using words. 1. What is the time of the clock? ______________________________ 2. What is the time on the clock? ______________________________ 3. What is the time on the clock? Use UK time telling. ______________________________ 4. Draw the time ten to five inside the empty clock: 5. Draw the time twenty past three inside the empty clock: 6. What is the time on the digital clock? ______________________________ 7. What is the time on the digital clock? ______________________________ 8. Fill in the time a quarter past two inside the empty digital clock HOW DID YOU DO IN THE D-TEST? If you need extra instruction check out the video or the grammar section at the back of the chapter. 123 CELEBRATIONS - WORLDWIDE - KGT

50 Notes Fill in and use the video to help you. __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ a quarter of/till __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ 51 Multiple Choice Which is the correct time? See if you can tell the correct way of writing the time: 1. A. Its eleven o’clock B. It’s five to twelve 2. A. It’s half to five B. It’s half past four 3. A. It’s a quarter past six B. It’s half past six 4. A. It’s ten to four B. It’s ten past four 5 A. It’s five to five B. It’s five past five 6. A. It’s ten to half past twelve B. It’s twenty past twelve 7. A. It’s a quarter to eight B. It’s a quarter to nine 8. A. It’s five past seven B. It’s five past six 124 CELEBRATIONS - WORLDWIDE - KGT