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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-KGT Workbook

Valentine’s day in the

Valentine’s day in the UK February 14th is a day to celebrate love all over the world. In Britain it is one of the most romantic days of the year. How do British people celebrate Valentine’s day? 1) Many people send a Valentine’s cards. This tradition started over a century ago. If you have a lover you can give cards to each other. But it is also a tradition to send a secret card to someone you are in love with. It is great fun, but can also be a bit of an embarrassment to find out who sent a card and who has a secret crush. The Valentine’s day card often has hearts or doves on them, or sometimes an angel, Cupid. 2) February 14th is also a day for giving presents.. Many lovers give chocolates or flowers to the one they love. There are many websites where you can find advice on which Valentine’s present to buy. Popular presents are red roses, a box of chocolates, romantic songs, a phone, jewellery, a photo frame or perfume. 3) If you want something more original think of a helicopter flight, a balloon ride, the chance to test-drive a Ferrari or an all-day session at a health club. Other people feel that Valentine’s Day is just a way to boost the economy. For true romantics, the gift of love is enough. Valentine’s Day is a popular day to either propose or get married – you’d never forget your wedding anniversary! 4) We asked some readers how they feel about Valentine’s Day. This is what they said: “My boyfriend sent me a text message on Valentine’s Day. I suppose that’s kind of romantic but I would have liked a present or even a real card better.” “I sent an anonymous Valentine’s card to a girl in my class when I was younger. Then my brother told her it was from me. I was very much embarrassed!” “I’m single so it’s definitely irritating. It’s too commercial anyway.” “If a girl likes me I don’t need to waste money sending her a card just because it’s a tradition.” “Chocolates, roses, cards, presents. Bring it on! I love Valentine’s Day!” Some cards also have a poem on them. The most famous Valentine poem is: There are many funny versions on this poem such as: Roses are red, violets are blue, Honey is sweet, and so are you. Roses are red, violets are blue, You look like a monkey and smell like one too! 45 A. ELZA - abbreviation Watch the video about ELZA, this is a Dutch abbreviation. What does it stand for? Abbreviation = afkorting __________________________________________________________________________ B. ELZA - notes Watch the video again. Create your own notes and then practice the strategy. Maak de zin af: Je gebruikt strategisch lezen als je … 1 __________________________________________________________________________ 2 __________________________________________________________________________ Wat is het verschil tussen skimming en ELZA? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 121 CELEBRATIONS - WORLDWIDE - KGT

46 A. Practise - ELZA Work in a pairs or groups. Go back to task 44. The text has 4 paragraphs. Divide the paragraphs. Read the first and last sentence of your paragraph. Wat lees je in de eerste en laatste zin van de paragraaf? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ B. Placemat Your teacher will hand out the placemat. Write down the main idea of the paragraphs on the outer edges. C. Summarize Discuss them and write 2 - 4 keywords for each paragraph in the middle part of the placemat. Now you have a summary of the text. D. Share Now share your summaries in class. E. Discuss Now discuss the following questions: • Did the ELZA methode help? Why (not)? • Do you feel confident to read the text and answer questions about it? Why (not)? 47 A. Questions - true or false Choose true or false for these statements. STATEMENTS TRUE FALSE Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. It’s a tradition to send cards secretly on Valentine’s Day. Chocolates and flowers are popular presents on February 14th. It’s unlucky to get married on Valentine’s Day. All British people love Valentine's Day. B. Questions - gap fill Fill in the gaps. Use the words below: - tradition – lovers - anonymous - secret – love - secretly - 1. People try to find out who sent a card and who has a __________________ crush. 2. Some people prefer to send an __________________ card or letter instead of signing 2. their name. 3. For true __________________ there is no need for presents and cards. 4. If I like someone, I don’t need to waste money sending her a card just 2. because it’s a __________________. 5. It is traditional to send an anonymous card to anyone you __________________ love. 6. Traditionally, people give chocolates or flowers to their __________________ . 122 CELEBRATIONS - WORLDWIDE - KGT