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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-BK Workbook

3. She wrote the notes

3. She wrote the notes in_____ notebook. o herself o myself o himself her 4. The teacher said the other classes’ homework must be completed on time like _____. o his o ours o themselves our 5. Ben said the green pens are only for _____. o his o himself o hers him 6. We created the project _____. o ourselves o ours o themselves us 7. I lost my pen. Ben, can I borrow _____ before the exam? o yours o theirs o his your 8. Jack decided to reward _____ for studying all night. o his o yourself o himself him 9. This is Ben’s green pen. I lost_____. o mine o yours o his my 50 Fill in Now all on your own. Fill in the correct word. Gebruik de bezittelijke voornaamwoorden en bijvoeglijke naamwoorden of wederkerige voornaamwoorden. 1. Our teacher told us that____________ is the best class when it comes to doing homework. 2. She knows this because she was good at doing homework ____________. 3. The other class is bigger than ____________ class. 4. I know because I counted the number of students ____________. 5. They will have to do their homework ____________. 6. We have to do our homework on time because it won’t do ____________. 7. I left ____________ homework at home. 8. Miss Smith said you have to do it all by____________. 9. My best friend Angela wanted to finish ____________ for me. 10. I told her to focus on ____________own homework. 11. I will do ____________ all by ____________. 47 SCHOOL LIFE - HOMEWORK - BK

51 A. Rewrite – possessive pronouns Kijk of je het onderstreepte deel van de zin hieronder kan herschrijven. Bekijk het voorbeeld goed als hulp. Example: Is the green car Benjamin’s? Answer: Is the green car his? 1. Is that my homework? _________________________________________________________________________ 2. This study guide is a lot longer than Jennifer’s. _________________________________________________________________________ 3. They are copying that assignment but it is not their assignment. _________________________________________________________________________ 4. Which room is class 3 in? _________________________________________________________________________ 5. There’s a project displayed on the table but I don’t think it is our project. _________________________________________________________________________ 6. Is that one Justin’s project? _________________________________________________________________________ B. Write – reflexive pronouns Schrijf je eigen zin met behulp van het wederkerend voornaamwoord. Example: Himself - He didn’t know how to do it himself. 1. Yourself - _______________________________________________________. 2. Herself - _______________________________________________________. 3. Themselves - _______________________________________________________. 4. Ourselves - _______________________________________________________. 5. Itself - _______________________________________________________. 6. Myself - _______________________________________________________. TIP You have learnt a few tips and tricks about doing your homework. Now you are going to send an email about it to give advice to Derek in the UK. 48 SCHOOL LIFE - HOMEWORK - BK