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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 1 VMBO-BK Workbook

Practise the list

Practise the list ‘‘School Life: Studying & Homework’ on Quizlet. TIP Make sure you practise Quizlet at least 4 times a week, so you will pass your test easily. Go online and login to do Fast ForWord. Reading level 1 exercise Bear bags. 44 Recap & prepare Herinner je je skimming en scanning nog? Je gaat nu vragen beantwoorden over de tekst. Step 1. Skimming. Voor het lezen bekijk je de tekst goed. Lees niet de hele tekst. Wat weet je na het bekijken van de tekst? Je mag in het Nederlands antwoorden. 1. What do you think is the topic of the text? The topic of the text is... _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. What do you already know about this topic? I already know ... _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. What do you expect this text to be about? I expect the text to be about ... _______________________________________________________________________________ Seven tips for an organised desk 1. Clear your desk of everything you don’t really need. Organise your desk. Put all papers in a folder. Keep pens and pencils together in a pencil case or a jar. Make sure you have a bin near your desk. 2. Don’t keep any drinks or food on your desk. Go to the kitchen when you want to have a drink or keep a drink on a small table near your desk. 41 SCHOOL LIFE - HOMEWORK - BK

3. Use your laptop instead of paper. Try to keep information in folders on your laptop as much as possible. Before printing a document, always ask yourself, ‘do I really need to print this?’ 4. Scan your notes. If you have a lot of paper (notes, worksheets, etc.), use a scanner and keep it as a PDF on your laptop. 5. Use your smartphone. To stay organised, take photos of things you need to remember. For example, take photos of notes to yourself or something you need to study for school. 6. Get a pin board. If you really have to keep small pieces of paper, you should use a pin board on the wall. Check it every day and throw notes you don’t need anymore in the bin. 7. Tidy up your desk at the end of every day. Choose a time to clean your desk and do it! If you do it every day, it will only take five minutes and you can start each new day with a clean and tidy space. Step 2. Reading. Lees de tekst over tips voor een opgeruimd bureau. Maak na het lezen de zinnen compleet. Gebruik een woord van de lijst hieronder. Er zijn meer woorden van lege plekken! desk / book / smartphone / pencil / laptop / classroom / tray / space / pin board / rubbish / scanner / pen / folder / teacher 1. Put your _____________________ in the bin. 2. Put papers you need to read in a _____________________. Let op. Er zijn meer woorden dan gaten! 3. Keep information on your _____________________ in folders. 4. Use a _____________________ to make PDFs and save them on your computer. 5. Take a photo of important things with a_____________________ or camera. 6. Put notes on a_____________________. 7. Clean your _____________________ on a daily basis. 8. Start every day with a tidy_____________________. 42 SCHOOL LIFE - HOMEWORK - BK